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Update Meiolania's description (it changed!) - A lesson in evolutionary biology

Before we get into the main topic, I want to say I am loving this update so far. New creatures that spawn readily in the wild are very much welcomed and of these Meiolania is my favourite, love the design.

Having unlocked it and read the description it really got under my skin because it is soooooooooooo wrong. I have always been interested in evolution and if I wasn’t an ecologist I would probably have been an evolutionary biologist.

It basically says Testudines (turtles, tortoises, terrapins) evolved from ankylosaurs, but ankylosaurs evolved 35my after Testudines with Meio dating from the Miocene 16mya so where has this mis-information come from?

Well the Wikipedia reads as quoted " The body form of Meiolania may be viewed as having converged towards those of dinosaurian ankylosaurids and xenarthran [glyptodonts].", when misinterpreted one might assume they are the same lineage. WRONG. The key word in this is CONVERGING which is linked in Wiki to the concept of convergent evolution.

What is convergent evolution? It is basically where 2 completely different lineages evolve the same traits, a good modern day example is the hedgehog and echinda. These 2 species share: spines; long nose; roll into a ball when threatened and occupy the similar niches but are found in completely different locations.

This is the same case with Meio and ankylosaurs. Heavily armoured with spikes on it’s head and a club like tail but completely unrelated, evidently these traits are good given they have appeared in the fossil record numerous times, but from completely unrelated lineages.

Considering this I think the description should read as follows:

“This ancient stem-turtle dates from the Miocene. It has horns extending from it’s flat skull and an armoured tail suggesting it is a distant member of the ankylosauridae family but they are in-fact completely unrelated! Meiolonia is herbivorous with a diet consisting mainly of low-lying vegetation”

Hopefully this is not too much of an ask for the devs?


Yeah I noticed that when I unlocked the turtle and it just left in disbelief at how this was left unchecked before the update and knowing Ludia, it probably will remain that way


Ah there is no need to be politically correct at all.!.
Given the very fact that this is * ONLY A GAME * and therefore not real in any way, shape or form except animated pixels on a phone / computer screen it is not worth ranting or raving about end of story. so what if they went a bit off track on its description yawnnnnnnnnn neither is this a game for mansions or fast cars this is a game for pure enjoyment and there is simply no need to get carried away being politically correct about it because it is not worth the bother.!.
to every other gamer playing we think its cool seeing a new turtle enter the ranks of the available dinosaurs we already have it just adds a bit more spice to an over flowing cup of dino goodies we already have so far ( 192 dinosaurs and counting with more on the way in the future ! ). lol

But if this game is one of your favorite games that’s when we startin to worry. Pretty much like our opinions on boosts.

Why should we care? Because misinformation is spread quickly and easily. It’ll be thought that this false statement is common knowledge and fact when that isn’t the case at all. It’s also not nearly the same as being “politically correct”.


Did this dude just pass up a literal scientific error as “being politically correct”


I know it’s only a game and I’m not going round vetting each description BUT I just saw this one and thought it so blatantly wrong that I needed to say something about it.

In real life (think Health and Safety here) if something isn’t right you say something about it, same with misinformation


This is not the only mistake in creature descriptions. Smilodon’s description says he lived in Pleistocene and Eocene, while it should be Pleistocene and Pliocene

It got changed!!! Thanks for listening :blush:


Good job, Ludia.

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When InGen scientists do a bit more digging.

It was good of Ludia to update.
It’s a nice gesture :slight_smile:


Ten character limit :frowning_face:

This issue is back for me…

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at the end of the day, nothing can be proven about extinct animals if no photos or video exists, its better to not be triggered about this kind of stuff because nothing about these animals can be proven and realistically zero facts are known

excuse my meddling … but can you also require Ludia to fix the description of the alankylosaurus ?, since I remember the Ankylosaurus has nothing to do with any theropod

Where’s the theropod part?

Not the most herbivorous creature out there

in the Spanish translation it says theropod

:rofl::rofl::rofl: la verdad ni atención le había prestado

Translated From Spanish

the truth or attention had paid him

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