Update monotony and why they should take longer

Nowadays updates come at a relatively quick pace with a good amount of content, which I’m sure I speak for most of us when I say is really great, but the problems with it are, to me at least, starting to shine through. The past couple of updates have introduced about 1-2 new pure creatures, 3-4 new hybrids, which will always contain a hybrid of the new creature that just came out, and one apex, sometimes being fuseable. I think update 2.12 was the WORST offender of this, giving us two new creatures, a legendary from it, and then an apex from that. These faster updates take away the uniqueness of apexes by pumping them out and create an update that is mostly just a closed circle, and if you’re lucky that one creature from 10 updates ago might get a hybrid. I don’t know if anyone else agrees but I personally don’t mind waiting longer for an update if it means we get updates with more creatures, creatures getting recognized and hybrids, and apexes taking longer to roll out.