Update moved supply drops


I live in the country. I’m disabled and don’t get out much. Today, I went out and ready to capture the special if the day when you went down for maintenance, so totally missed it.

You added a few more supply drops, but you moved the 1 I can access from home out of reach. I have to walk out to the busy road to use it and have to walk 2 acres either direction to use others.

Would be nice if we could nudge the supply drops to make at least one accessible when needed and maybe a few more by me instead of the next farm over.


As someone with mobility issues I understand your sentiments, but honestly this is a walk / travel game as advertised. They did state that supply drops are bound to change.


Then it’s not a game for everyone? You are saying this game does not want disabled folk to play? I hardly think that’s true! They have moved the drop accessible to me across a busy highway.

I’m not going to waste gas for a game, no matter how much I use to enjoy it. Maybe they could consider a way for everyone to be able to play, even from home. I did fine before today. They added a lot of new drops, most on private property you cannot even get close to,


Not to mention you cannot walk on these busy country roads. You’d be killed!


No it’s not a game for everyone. No game ever made is suitable for every single human. It’s not Ludia’s fault that there are a minority of folk who can’t walk or travel. You do have the in game ability to report dangerous supply drops with the new update.


There’s also an option to report supply drops. You can try that, but not many people are lucky enough to be able to reach one from inside their house.


6 billion people in the world…
Sorry about your disability but the game isn’t made for just you.


Apparantly it’s made just for you. I wasn’t looking for snide remarks. Thanks for being so understanding to the handicap.

I have reported the supply drops which are either on a dangerous road or private property. Nothing changes.


It’s not a minority of folk. There are a lot of people who are disabled. Why should that not make it so everyone can play, even just from home? You guys are ridiculous and your responses piss me off


Unfortunately, making the game handicap accessible for those who can’t leave their homes very often would be the exact opposite of the game’s purpose and would give a distinct advantage to those players as it would require them to spoof their location. This game was built around the idea of traveling and changing the entire game for people who can’t travel just isn’t feasible.


I put forth the idea of giving VIP people the ability to place a supply drop where they choose a while back. Maybe more interest in this idea would be a good idea. What you would do is walk to the location you want it and hit the place button when your in the spot on the map you want it.

You could make it visible to others or only to yourself. They could make these red colored or maybe round our something.

I live in a 25K population town/city so for me going out on nice paved streets and sidewalks puts me at a great advantage along with the supply drop just outside. There are two other 25K city towns north. One 2 miles and another 4 so I go all over the place on my bike on the weekend. I’m out for more than 2 hours at a time hunting and darting dinos.

So far I’ve been lucky that the supply drop just outside has not moved at all since I started. Others have moved and more have been placed. I’ve seen some removed and then put back.

Anyway I’d like a VIP personal drop. That might help make Ludia a few more bucks. Even better if they came with hourly spawns.


I wonder if this doesn’t already exist. I’ve had VIP since late May as I live in a rural area and needed it to reach the spawn point on the neighbor’s property behind my house; the supply drops there remain out of reach, though.

Amazingly, with the update, a new supply drop and spawn point appeared in front of my house… just have to walk about 50 m to get to it (huge yard). I love it! As a long suffering rural lvl 40 PoGo player with no spawns or stops within 4 km of my house having my own supply drop and 2 accessible spawn points is a dream come true :heart_eyes:

But if this sd disappears I’m cancelling VIP!