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Update needed

The Purple Death is wayyyy too slow at getting one of the six items.

Send your riders into travels and prey to get them at the seasonal statues… It takes a pretty long time, but you’ll be able to get it (o^_^) b

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Yeah, that purple urchin thing took me forever. I wish you lots of good luck.

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It has been two months sitting at 18/45. I need some movement on this issue.

Do not trade in any of your collections. When the other collections are all full, any special items you get from journeys, seasonal statues and card packs will have to be purple urchins. At this point you will get 2 or 3 per week. I have now collected all 8 legendary dragons using this method.

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Thx for that good advice

Buzz: In my case I only got Shellfire in the last week so that collection will not be completed any time soon. Your advice is still very valid.

It’s not meant to be quick. It’s meant to be a longer slog so that you think about spending runes and/or buying runes.

I almost dropped dead today when the Purple Death gave me a purple urchin.


Thank you!

Hookfang showed up with another one!

Got another one today. This going to take forever.

Congrats. And sorry it is taking so long.