Update notes

Where are updates/release notes posted now? I have gotten used to going to Twitter to see the weekly calendar since it is no longer posted here. However, the only talk of update here or there is from posts of how update is broken.

There are no release notes.
It was a technical update
That moved Shimmersky valley to the exploration after Forestfall Fen
Along with adding quests to include Shimmersky Valley

and that broke the game

So the fact that there is no announcement of the new area being live (or supposed to be) seems problematic to me.
It seems on iOS (at least newer versions) update has caused major issues.
On android I don’t see new area available. It is same as before update. The “water deep is safe…for now”. While some of the posts about broken update made me think new area should be available.I don’t want to report a bug for something that may very well be working as expected.

The new area has not been made available. It is just getting ready for its eventual release.

Thanks that clears it up. That was not how I read your initial message.