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Update: Opinions thus Far?

I know there have been a couple of threads on this already. Been playing for a little over a year,

For the most part the opinions so far seem to be split between those pre-boost and post-boost. Would love to get more feedback from those who were ‘premies’ like me. Sorry post-boosters, but would love some 1.6 or earlier opinions.

Having been in the preboost era I like the change in many ways. I do NOT like the loss of investment in boosts, however, and feel that this needs to be rectified. I like the idea of limited boosts per dino, but the 100 HC cost - seriously??? Seems like a cash grab by Ludia.

I dropped DC a while back and did not look back - even though I sometimes take a beating. Given the new meta Draco may have to come back though. Will hold off, like I am with boosting though. Been great using Dinos with better kits.

Have lost 200+ trophies so far with the changes. Gone from Library back to Aviary. Honestly I am fine with that. Want to settle into a proper level.

Dodge does not seem to work for me at all despite the reports I hear from others. Have attacked others with zero damage but my team seems to get at least 50% damage every time… I am sure it will work itself out, might just be bad luck.

So, good news… Boosts are no longer worth much. I certainly won’t bother buying them anymore and it makes it less interesting to complete the daily for the incubator. Why bother?

I LOVE that I am having battles in the arena now with ‘unboosted’ dinos! Yeah, I still run into the overly fast Thor and the high damage DC, but it has been great battling against people who have not applied any boosts (thank you Ludia - though I doubt this is what you had intended as it seems like another cash grab on your part).

Thanks Ludia as well for the spontaneous spawns! I have seen more cool dinos appear over the last couple of days than ever before. I applaud that!

So… In summation… I think this was a much needed change. Hate the way Ludia handled the boost issues (make it limited per dino and cheaper to encourage innovation) and love that it has made collecting DNA relevant again.


lol you serious?

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Yep 100%. Why? Are you having issues with update? Seriously, totally respect your opinion (you more than many others actuallly) and not trying to create microaggressions, but would like to know… what do you find at fault?

Seriously, have a lot of respect for your opinion **Pterodactyl, “ even if you spelled your name wrong :smiley:

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This change was not thought out enough. How could you take away what people worked extremely hard for In the game and in some cases like myself spent real dollars. I’m went from spending a couple hours a day to 15 minutes out of frustration. You undid all the goodwill that can out of the last update. This may be it for me. Moving onto another game


Agreed, which is why I said they need to deal with that. Might have missed that part of my post though, totally understand. The “payment” we received does not cover the cost.

I think that boosts should be limited per dino,

Like I said in a different thread; “I like it cause I can’t pour all my boosts into my dinosaurs that aren’t going to stay on my endgame team like I did before. I actually have to think about who I want to boost and who I don’t want to boost, I can’t just boost all my team like before, this new version forces me to have some self-control now and I feel like I needed that.”


Right??! The other thing I like is that I will actually have to to think about strike towers. Have not done that since boosts came in. That was a bit exhilarating actually.

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Love it.

10 Characters


@Arnold would love your opinion…

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Boost still matter, A LOT. Not as strong as before, but certainly decisive in battles… That being said, I also liked the changes. But the spawns are worse for me, and the dodge system I disapprove.


@Pepito_Aie old friend - your thoughts?

Thanks @Arnold. I have not had the same luck with dodge as you unfortunately. Mine has worked maybe 20% of the time.

Boosts have been decisive though. My team got wiped out by someone just slightly faster than me. Honestly, that’s all it takes… they were 2 levels below my team, but the boosts made all the difference.

Interesting on spawns as I see fewer overall dinos, but many more spontaneous spawns than I used to.

I quite like it but Indo Gen 2 is broken, can floor entire teams


I agree… The dodging update ruins it to me.

I have sufficient DNA to build a dodging team… But they are likely to nerf them in the next update. How else you keep people spending money on new dinos?

Dinosaurs that tend to get nerfed a generally ones that end up getting hybrids…basically stepping stone dinosaurs. For instance Procerat isn’t a super hybrid so could get a future hybrid, and since its crazy strong its VERY likely to get nerfed at some point, so id avoid over investing in it.
However end tier dinosaurs (Super Hybrid legendaries or uniques) are end products and very rarely get nerfed for long.

I didnt take dinosaurs over level 20 unless that were “end products”, since they are wise investments.

Poor Monomimus can attest to the risks of being a stepping stone (or rather punching bag lol) dinosaur!

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I have had more epics from those proximity spawns then ive seen as normal… its a general buff to spawns… but the mechanics are wierd… sometimes certain areas seem way more likely to have them. But in the end it makes hunting for me exciting again. I havent been this happy with the hunting aspect of the game since pre 1.5. That road may look empty but with proximity spawns you never know what your gonna see.

I like the dodge change…it makes it a viable skill again… but some changes were made based on the old nerfed dodge mechanics that need to be looked upon. Like both indos. Specific dino changes are now needed.

Im ok so far with boost 2.0… but Im not buying in to this idea that leveling is more relevant then boosts… they are two aspects of your dino and if you ignore either one your gonna have “unbalanced matchmaking”. All these people talking about how its great their level 30 are relevant again are looking at a future they already experienced if they ignore boosts again. My utahsino has already swept a team or two… killing less boosted higher level dinos. Levels are more relevant but levels alone wont win matches. A level 21 that utilizes all 21 boost will beat a level 24 thats using 12. From my limited experience the level advantage is only an advantage if your close in boosts.

Speed is still just as strong as it ever was. Mirror Matches alone mean even slow dinos benefit from atleast a few stacks of speed.

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Personally I like the changes they made except for the lack of supply drops in my area and particularly at home where I had 5 at range and only 3 now. Noticed more proximity spawns though.

I like the arena a lot these days. My team is still unboosted and I’m facing both boosted and non boosted team with some new faces in mine. Really pleasant when you beat some boosted team :grin: It’s like 50/50 win loss situation except when I fall on a super boosted thor or rat but they are a lot less scarier than before cause they can’t max all their stats now. Originally I thought that boost would have worked like that when they introduce them.

100 boost for tier is a bit much in my opinion, 50 would have been better maybe but they need to make money too so…

For epic strike towers, I didnt stop to think about a plan except on rare occasions where I didnt have time to plan so I will need to prepare them again seriously :smirk: this week for example is going to be really tricky if indom gen 2 dont act like what I predict xD.


Hmm… Beta was the best experience because everything was new to me, but it quickly got old. I’d say PVP was my thing for maybe 2 months before it became something subconscious where I was just going through the motions that I did for incubators. Boost 1.0 system was fun for a bit, but within a few months everyone was T6-8 and it became predictable enough where it was boring again.
Still not as fun as beta, but about as fun as boost 1.0 was so far but with a lot of staying power. No more T6/6/6, 7/7/7, 8/8/8. Everything is custom at this point and it will be interesting to see if people can min/max this system.

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i just think that boosts are still needed after you use up your inventory.

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I think the update was a good thing over all. The new boost system is better than before, if it would have been implemented sooner I think it would’ve been great, I personally like the dodging improvement but my Dino’s don’t know it’s been updated lol, I love love love LOVE the improved spawns, the one thing I I’m disappointed with is Indoraptor’s damage nerf.

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