Update Pacing

Recently a lot of players who I have known have been quitting the game due to these fast updates which just constantly add new creatures to the game, most of which have been exclusive and there’s no way within a month the average player will be able to get the new creature to level 30, and by the time they do get the creature to level 30, it’s already power crept and essentially useless, this trend has started since the Scorpios update.

My suggestion is that you space creature updates by 3 months, most people in 3 months can get uniques to a playable level where they don’t feel like it’s useless to even use any new creature. This time frame will also give you time to polish updates and work on bug fixes within the period.

I know that you are a company trying to focus on profits, but it doesn’t help when profits overtake player satisfaction, the players you are focusing on, mainly in shores are a small fraction of the player base.

Make both sides of the player base happier.


You can’t fix this problem without fixing the boost system. I played since launch and quit three months ago because I was no longer able to keep new things boosted enough to tread water in pvp. If creatures are going to be in constant rotation in the meta, so too should the boosts that we’re mandated to put on them. It’s still insane to me that the cost of a wrong boost is the expenditure of a very expensive boost reset token or a 50% loss, and that sudden nerfs/buffs don’t result in compensation.


Exactly this. By the time us mere mortals get the new shiny up to 30 (2-4 months) it’s already being replaced by the newest and more OP. So right there it’s not worth taking the hit on deallocating boosts from the thing that was already power-crept two patches ago.

Unless they start handing out boost reset tokens with every update or make them more readily available, it’s pretty pointless to try and keep up.


Level 30? I can barely unlock the new creatures, let alone anything else. These recent updates have spammed us with creatures needing exclusive dinos almost continuously. All I can do is log on, FIP the same boring ones over and over, spin supply drops, and leave. Not even battling will help me get closer to the ones requiring exclusives.


I have started to only boost my tournament teams now…arena makes no sense when it changed every month…i only have the bear to 28 and now that is going to be obsolete with the new creatures all designed to counter it. So lame, let us have our boosts for free!!! We earned them, they are for us to use, not Ludia to take half.


I’m kind of on the fence on all of this to be honest. To be up front I have been playing JWA basically from the beginning and I’ve been VIP for over a year. I do not like the new creatures to be exclusive but understand why. When you look at common creatures mine are all above 100k DNA and I have around 8-10 that are maxed at 500k. The only one below 100K is Draco G2 because I donate everything I can get for coins. Rares are similar, I have most in the 60k-80k range and a bunch sitting at 100k+ DNA. I know I’m not alone with these types of numbers and my guess is a lot of players that will laugh at my numbers because they have a lot more DNA. If all the new creatures used all this old DNA players would be getting these new power crept meta dinos to L30 on day 1. This would not be good for anyone but the players with the L30s.The game needs to be playable for noobs just starting out and to the players that have been around a while. The game has many levels of players to appeal to. The new meta dinos like Anky Lux or the king bear are not made for players hovering in Aviary with 3 or 4 L30 dinos. I have over 20 creatures at L30 and I’m building Anky Lux and the king bear right now. For this reason that is why there is so many exclusive dinos IMO. I don’t think its great having all the exclusive dinos but I understand the possible reasoning behind them. It would be selfish of me to expect easy and readily available creatures to me to make the highest level meta creatures. I think the trade off would be less meta relevant creatures for daily spawning creatures. This leads to a bunch of posts that the new creature needs a buff and this updates sucks.

There is a difference between new creature in the wild, when veterans have to go hunting too, and new exclusive creature, hidden by the paywall.


Even the “top players” can’t keep up. I’m not the best of the best, but I hit the top 200 in March with a score over 6500. I can’t get any of the new stuff to 30 fast enough to stay there consistently – my team (mortem, trebax, ref, anky lux, indot, skoona, testa, phorurex), is already losing relevance and I can’t FIP exclusives fast enough to replace members before the OP new stuff is outclassed itself. Power creep is a major issue at the moment.


Spacing updates would be nice. Not only for time to actually use the creatures from each update, but it also gives time for the devs to test their game and fix bugs so we don’t end up with another buggy disaster like 2.15.


We don’t count.

They’re making their creature release schedule based on the 1% playerbase. The whales who buy all creatures to have them in the first week. They don’t care that they’re losing half of playerbase because of this strategy :slight_smile:

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Another point that probably gets overlooked by Ludia with their new model is that even if the top 1% is spending more to keep up with this accelerated pacing (and exclusivity), they’re still going to see a decrease in spending overall.

It is still going to take the other 99% more time to get to team level, thru only sanctuaries and donations than if they had left the dino on the map, meaning more time will pass between fusions and leveling. Heck, by the time we get there, the creature will have been power crept and so it won’t be worth fully leveling or boosting as we’ll have shifted to collecting the next shiny.

Maybe this isn’t such a bad thing - I certainly saved a bunch of boosts because I have yet to have been able to FIP enough Alberto to get Spinos to team level so haven’t been tempted. :thinking: I’ll probably never fuse it again with Albertocevia out there. That’s just how finite resources work.

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