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(Update = Refund in Process) Stat Boost Rollback and Cash Formula, Submit ticket or not?

***If you don’t see 115/115/85 boosts in your inventory or extra game cash then you’re probably not level 10 or higher

Cause: Player was on the game at the time maintenance started creating a conflict with the configuration of the rollback. To avoid this in the future do not play up until the maintenance periods start.

Please help verify if this was indeed the case for those of you that have not made any purchases in the game for boosts as it’s easiest to confirm with free to play users’ data.

If you haven’t boosted any dinos, and happened to remember your boost inventory, take said number divide by 25, round up to the next whole number and report back if you did get the cash amount correctly. For most free to play users I’m expecting everyone that played daily and got all their daily battle incubator along with the 25 boost for damage strike tower and collected the free gift of 10/10/5 should be seeing at around 5k cash gain for most Free to Play users.

For example (using my numbers):
Health = 111 divide by 25 = 4.44 or 5 packages (roundup) x 500 cash = 2500
Damage = 136 divide by 25 = 5.44 or 6 packages (roundup) x 500 cash = 3000
Speed = 106 divide by 25 = 4.24 or 5 packages (roundup) x 500 cash = 2500

Total expected cash is 8000, I only received 1000 so I submitted a ticket for 7000

For those of you with boosted dinos, you will need to recall what tier you were able to reach and total the cumulative boost points used for that dino/category. Add this number to your inventory and then do said math. It’s very likely you should be seeing tens of thousands of cash returned to you.

  • Yes, I believe said formula is how I got so much cash
  • No, my numbers don’t agree = you need to submit ticket
  • Maybe = it’s best you submit ticket for review

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There were 2 strike tower events with 25 boosts, if I remember correctly? And I was in and out of Sorna Marshes / Lockdown. So I got between +2 each and +3 each for the dbi. I received around 3500-3700 hc I think. Not sure how much exactly because I didn’t screenshot my amount before the update. But I think it should be correct then?

1 strike tower. the second one was canceled.

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Aaaaaaah :no_mouth: tnx I forgot

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As you can tell the poll is either you believe you got the right amount of cash and do nothing or you should submit a ticket lol. Unfortunately I’m part of the smaller few (for now until that poll grows) that didn’t get the proper reimbursement.

Let’s see how many folks report here because it’s interesting!


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In your calculation, did you already subtract the 115/115/85 that we got from your inventory? If not, then 111 Health gets you nothing (as it is less than 115), 136 in Damage gets you 1 package, as 136-115=21, and 106 in speed gets you 1 package, as 106-85=21. So, altogether, you get 2 packages or HC 1,000. I think that moment was a bit unclear in the explanation. However, if you already subtracted those, then they definitely owe you more money.

Oh the 115 115 and 85 are given to everyone above level 10 regardless post rollback calculations. The inventory amount of boosts (i.e. boosts purchased and utilized were returned to inventory) were used to determine how much cash one would receive.

Thanks @DinoMom111 for the lookout. Seeing how a tester account of mine got 6500 cash and my main which I have made 3 purchases of boost packs, yet only receiving 1000 cash I was short changed

I got like 3500 to 3700 and I didnt buy one stat boost when they had it on the market. Just got the boosts from the daily incubator

Yeah that sounds about right. It might be because you were not in the higher arenas to pick up the few extra boosts to break the 25 mark brackets. Having 26 for health damage and speed would have gotten you 3k cash easily because of the rounding whereas 25 would only get you 1500. Talk about doubling in cash!

25/25 =1 = 500 cash
26/25 = 1.04 round up to 2 = 1000 cash

So I’m in Aviary, I got stat boosts through a gift, daily incs and boost strike towers(never missed one) and I spent 3k or 4k bucks on boosts. And with these boosts I boosted of course my dinos. Now I got exactly 9k bucks from Ludia, so does that mean I’m still missing thousands of bucks or are 9k correct?

It looks like you got the right amount returned to you @RealSpinoDino. I wouldn’t bother bugging support to review your numbers.

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I got 2k back. I’m lvl 20, completed strike event, daily defeat10, and bought 4 packs when they were for sale. I’m pretty sure I was short changed.

I would submit a ticket for sure because I agree with your situation!

I got 100 from an INC on patch day, didnt have enough to buy any boosts from the store. Too far behind everyone now to ever catch up.

I didn’t buy any boosts from store (ever) and never got any from Arena so not sure there is a point in me submiting a ticket.

I’m just screwed in every way, lol. Good thing I like the core PvE game or I would have quit this broken garbage fest a few days ago and never looked back. :wink:

yeah. email support. Sounds like you only got your purchases refunded and not cash for your banked boosts. that is what happened to me.

I respect your situation, but you would be leaving free cash on the table. even if you decide to never use it or leave, why not submit a quick ticket and see. Took me 5 minutes to right out the email and took they got my appropriate compensation in the same day. It may be worth it, even if you only decide to use the cash on scents and stay unboosted or just quit altogether, but if you’d ever come back you’d have it sitting there. You deserve it. don’t short change yourself.

I still don’t know where I’m landing in all this, but there was no way I was going to let that cash fall into the Ether.

Good luck.

Has anyone who emailed support even heard back? Would be nice to get the refund before the stat boosts are out of the shop…

You propably wont hear from them because it’s weekend :frowning: I have mostly positive experience from their support so who knows they propably will give you boosts you want but not cash. But it will most likely take 2-3 weeks

All I know is that I ended up with more boosts on my Thor than I had before(like ALLOT more, almost fully boosted). Spent the 2.5k I got straight on boosts! I don’t get how their rebalancing by giving allot of people more than they had before???

Update to let everyone know that the support team has begun or should have been responding to tickets submitted in regards to the boosts.

I have received my response and I will get 7k in game cash in 1-3 days