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*** Update release 1.4.11 *** I want to thank Ludia because


Beside the already known release notes, they listened to us:

  • green supply drops have been increased in my little town!
  • some supply drops already have pterosauros so that we are able to easy create some of them (I have 4 to create right now, and I just did 20 minutes drive from work to home)!
  • there are also strike event related to flying creatures!

And you, have already use some interesting things? Do you want to share your opinion here?


They introduced Hatzegopteryx, a relative of Quetzalcoatlus that was from Transylvania - just in time for Halloween!

“Children of the night… what beautiful music they make…” ~ Bela Lugosi, Dracula


3 Azhdarchid pterosaurs (Quetzalcoatlus, Alanqa, and Hatzegopteryx) should probably be taken seriously on the battlefield. They were massive.


Hatzegopteryx vs. Human

Quetzalcoatlus vs. Human


I’ve already nicknamed this one Hatless Gary.


I went from having a single green supply drop in the entire town (2 km away) to having 12 around at sight (quite a few more around the town). This is brilliant!


So far I have bumped into a few bugs but Im sure they are working on them. I love the update, the arena looks great ans the way information is presented is excellent. Ive already made most of the pterosaurs, I do think they were a lil too easy to get but I love the swap in abilities amd the potential they have… All in all its a great update


Absolutely! Haven’t tried the arena a lot yet but the new way of showing information is amazing!


Is this local increase in green supply drops and special event creatures (the park ones, not the pterosaurs) temporary or permanent? I do live in a green area, but never had those green boxes around here, and I am not sure this isn’t perhaps just a temporary thing because of the update (like a compensation for the time we couldn’t play or something)?

I also like the extra battle incubator you can win by defeating 10 creatures in battle :t_rex:

And the pterosaurs are great!!! I love it that some fly also on the map. I got 3 so far. And also did one ptero strike event.


I think you forgot arambourgiania


No, i was just in a hurry at the time. Trying to get to work.