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Update released (android only oof) [EDIT: Released for iOS now too]

Just letting u guys know if ur on android u can get the update.
Unfortunately not released for iOS yet rip…

*iOS is not released as well


thx, updating now :slight_smile:

Fake news!!!

Its released for android only, ik its not fake news i’ve seen screenshots and stuff already, my friend on android has it

If ur on apple, then its not released, like i said

Troll post

It’s out for Android, indeed. Downloading now.

If ur definition of a troll post is the truth, then indeed, this is a troll post :joy:

I’m still getting the maintenance message on my android phone. (Correction, I can now update the app).

My android is doing nothing but sitting there with a reconnect button.

I had to go into the store and update the app.

Manual update at play store

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Now available for download on IOS.

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