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Update Scheduling



I was wondering if there was any sort of update schedule in place for this game. Some do weekly updates, be it plot progression or events or things of that nature.

And… I know it’s still early into things, but so far we’ve had two ‘major’ event characters that, with the litany of others that seem to be ready to be rolled out, will take a good while to fully obtain for those not spending runes and / or money.

I, personally, don’t mind not having them as there are other species I’m more interested in. But it just sounds a bit shaky to have events without actual reward, repetitively. Here and there, interspersed among smaller events, sure. I’m just hoping it wont be one 1000 tp event after the other.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to see these characters will be coming into the game. It just…might be nice to see other things as well? More dragon species (deathgrippersdeathgrippers)? Possible sub/side plots, so that you dont run out of road before things really start rolling out?

My two cents. I love what we have so far. Everything is gorgeous, art direction wise. I would really like to keep this one around.


Welcome and thank you for the suggestions, @Mysterious!

In terms of scheduling, I’m working with the team to provide a calendar to the community for upcoming events. No ETA yet but I’ll definitely share when I have more info.

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Awesome, that’s good to know. Thank you so much for your response @Marcus!

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