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Update soon? Please?

I literally have 13,000 gems and no one to spend them on. I’ve matched with every possible counterpart, even the girls and the cat, and everyone is grey. I’m lonely. Please update soon?? Pretty please? And if it could be Damien, Noah, Jonathan, and/or Adam that would make my birthday extra special… which just HAPPENS to be tomorrow, btw… hint hint :joy::pray:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::weary::sob::broken_heart:


I hope we get more new characters available more so than older ones or older ones who have been away for a long time.

I want the old ones back, I’m already invested in their stories! But wouldn’t mind a couple new ones here and there also.

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Oh for sure I want some old ones updated, especially ones that haven’t been updated yet like Vitoria and Antoine (or maybe his story was and I already forgot that it had been once). But I’d also love some new ones too like Felicia and Julia.

How long do the updates usually take? Almost all my matches are offline. Can’t match with anyone new either. It’s getting so boring.

It can take about a few weeks. It’s been about that long since multiple characters had story content updated. There is no set release schedule or pattern for updates though.

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I hope they update soon! Also, speaking of birthdays, how cool would it be if we could input our birthdays and they would text us cute messages it on the day of! It’s be such a neat touch :pleading_face:


Omg that would be so cool!!! :two_hearts::heart_eyes:

Ooh that would be fun. That’s a nice idea. It doesn’t even have to be anything elaborate, just a quick cute birthday text.

A few weeks is a lot to release a game update. Specially one that involves people spending a considerable amount of money to have a full experience.
Having so many characters offline at the same time should not happen.
The game just gets super boring and I bet most people will end up uninstalling.


I think they said in the latest update release that they’re going to have updates every week.

We have to remember that the developers are in a bit of a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation with updates.

If they send out frequent updates on a set schedule, they don’t always have the time to make it as long as we’d like to hold us over. People get upset they don’t last very long or that they didn’t release the right match.

If they wait until they can send out a fully-developed release every few weeks, people will feel like the app is a scam to take their money, get angry, and delete it.

There’s no way for Ludia to win here, with such a small team that’s pushing content the best they can.


Oh, I missed that then. That would be nice, but as you said if they give us that expectation that puts a lot of pressure on them as well to deliver every week. I don’t want the writers to experience crunch time practice.

Another thing worth mentioning, and building off what you said, is due to the times we live in, we don’t know the condition of the workers. That is, if they’re primarily working from home, the office, both, etc. Also, Fremantle company as a whole may be big and wealthy, but the team for Lovelink isn’t incredibly big itself and Ludoa runs several other games as well.

@Patricia_Castro I’m not disagreeing just what I’ve seen in the past. However, you also have to keep in mind that technically we can play the whole game for free and compared to many other dating RP story/chat apps where you may be pushed even harder to buy and spend diamonds. We also have virtually no advertisements needed to be watched except if you want those bonus 3 gems when you pick up your five free ones while other apps have them after or before every chapter that are mandatory and yield no reward. I understand your frustration, of course, and I hope we so get more frequent updates, at least more than once every few weeks (so hopefully what Inspired-Author saying about the dev team stating they would have more frequent ones being true – I didn’t check yet), but we should also try not to let ourselves feel too entitled either. We just need to all find a balance of release times (dev team) and patience with some expectation so as to keep the dev team accountable for any promises they make, but that’s an ideal situation that rarely ever happens with game teams (for apps) and players. I hope you don’t take what I’m saying the wrong way because I do largely agree with most of what you said.

In the meantime if you haven’t matched with every character possible already that may be something to consider doing to pass the time and get some free diamonds out of it. But I definitely agree that waiting while everyone is away (I’ve matched with everyone I possibly can) is hard.


Here’s what it said for the iOS and Android updates, so everyone can see it!!

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I was definitely not saying I would do it. I just meant it might happen with a lot os people. I understand the reasoning behind, not sure everyone will though.

I’ve run out too. I don’t have anywhere near 13k gems (I wish) but all my matches are inactive now. I don’t want to match with anymore men, even for gems. They’re just not interesting enough to me. But none of the female accounts left are matching so I guess I log in daily to get my measly 15 gems and hope there’s an update before I get bored and uninstall the app :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

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