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Update soon?

I just finished Heartcoil Deeps. No mas?! So you are well aware of the time (and money!) that I’ve invested in this quest.
Clearly I’m a fan of the game. One would NEVER have slogged chest deep through the repetitive mud of dozens upon dozens of common treasure chests (that produce ABSOLUTELY. NOTHING! 85-90% of the time) over and over again if they did not enjoy the gameplay.
I’m terrifically disappointed that I’ll never get to see my characters achieve full maturation and it is certainly something I won’t soon get over should I come across another of your titles in the near future. Tighten yer game up please. There’s meat on these bones. Ya’ll need to figure out the proper way to process it. Otherwise you can count me out on any future Ludia projects.

Blessed be the fruit

  • OleVinny