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Update suggestion 2.9 or 3.0

What do you think of an update dedicated only to fixing bugs in the game, without adding new features, just fixing bugs? and another, what do you think of the addition of the dinosaurs from “Chaos Effect”? Like, the addition of new hybrids and non-hybrid dinosaurs like the Omega T-rex could be legendary like the Parasaurus lux


I don’t think we get 3.0 this year. We probably have 2.10 so we might not get it for a long time. I would say we probably get aquatics in 3.0 as the next big thing after bosses


don’t make me create expectations ;-;


You won’t get aquatic creatures in 3.0 or even 5.0. This game is massive and already too big and data heavy for a lot of phones plus it makes no sense to have 40ft dinosaurs in puddles. The game uses Google maps so they aren’t going to artificially create water and the arena would have to be separate which again increases the size of the well as divides the player pool. It won’t happen, you may get a separate app for aquatic creatures but you won’t get them on this 1


makes sense, but liking the ludia itself to say it instead of us speculating

***sorry if i messed up in english

I think they have said it by not adding aquatics after several years. The problems are too numerous, I didn’t even mention the fact that they’d have to release 70 aquatics all at once and even if they simply spawned with a little puddle around them which would be silly and I would hate it would dramatically cut regular spawns.

They always added aquatics in jp games. It isn’t impossible to add them in ar games. Besides ludia never officially debunked aquatics. The only thing they ever said was that s hybrids won’t be fuseable

And just because the game has problems doesn’t mean aquatics don’t have a chance too be added because these can be fixed. Aquatics also take time to be created

We get them sooner or later. They always took time with aquatics. I mean look how long they took for aquatics in jpb

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You are extremely unlikely to get them in this game because the finding them in water part simply doesn’t work. As I said before, the game is already big and requires more processing power than a lot of phones have. I wouldn’t hold my breath

I mean, aquatics sounds cool and all, but now that I think about it, I don’t think the concept works.

Aquatics are obviously meant to be water focused, as having them spawn like a normal creature defeats the purpose of them being aquatic, but the game couldn’t possibly run a way to get aquatics to spawn in water since a) Google Maps isn’t entirely reliable, it’s screwed up a lot of turns around my neighborhood, and then there’s the fact that hidden parks exist, b) there wouldn’t be a way to reliably access a water source, since most people don’t live right by one. Take me for example, the nearest water source for me is a 1/4 of a mile away, (about 0.4 km for my non Americans), but that’s privately owned. The nearest publicly available water source is a reservoir about 3 miles away, but there is horrendous reception that far into the backwoods and its not worth risking my phone for aquatics when the only way onto the water is kayaks or the like. And I’m pretty lucky, imagine if someone lived in a big city, or way out in the middle of nowhere, or just not right by a water source. They’d possibly have to drive miles to get even close to be able to get the chance to get aquatics.

And that’s just from an exploration standpoint.

Gameplay wise, 2 separate arenas would further divide an already smaller playerbase, and that’s doesn’t even mention the balance. If they have a separate arena, do they get they’re own balancing rules? What about hybridizing? Will an aquatic’s hybrid be better than a Jurassic? How about balance? Rewards? And don’t even get me started about how trophies would need to work.

And then there’s optimization.

JWA isn’t a very optimized game. Quite often load times get worse the longer the game is running, icons don’t always show up at the correct time, and there are a ton of random lag spikes, and I run the game on one of the better phones on the market. Imagine what it would be like on a weaker one.

TL,DR: I just think that aquatics would be too much of a headache to make them worth adding, even if it would be cool.


Yeah basically with aquatics there’s two options. For option a, you treat aquatics the same as terrestrial dinos, spawning anywhere on the same map and using the same arenas. For option b you separate aquatics from terrestrials, giving them terrestrial, that you could toggle to and arenas. The thing is, both options are problematic. Option b like you said divides the playerbase into two arenas and would greatly increase the games file size, and option a “floods” the map with potentially dozens of aquatic spawns, diluting the already crammed spawn pools (in addition to basically giving up on immersion). Not to mention that adding dozens of new dinos and hybrids through either option would bloat the game size even more than it already is. Ludia can always optimize more, I’m sure, but I doubt it would ever be enough.

I love so many of the prehistoric aquatic creatures, but getting them added to the game is perhaps more challenging than it might initially seem.

I think 1 update is not enough for fix all the bugs, it will require like 4-5 updates.

Yep. Let’s just wait and see if we get them at all

It’s been how many years? At what point do you realize you’ve been stood up and return the corsage?

they can have two types of maps, one solely dedicated to aquatics as an aquatic map, and another for land. the puddles or river etc. in the land map can be used as a sub feature where u can get aquatics quickly. that would make the game way too large tho.

You answered yourself right at the end. The game would essentially be operating 2 games simultaneously which would be insanely hard on your phone and kill your battery in an hour. The problems include the size of the app, the data requirements, the fact that unless you designed 70+ creatures there wouldn’t be any content, you would divide the already thin player base and logically you either have huge creatures in puddles or tiny spawn chances for natural water sources not ever player would even have access to… I could literally go on and on. If they decided to do that it would really need to be a separate app.

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Omega Rex would be awesome. There are other things that should be added as well like Ultimasaurus. They possibly could do something like what the Isle does with it hypo Rex and what not

Can we get aquatic creatures like ‘jw the game’?