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Update Suggestion for Tragodistis

I feel Trago needs a buff, especially for raids. here is my suggestion that will make it better while keeping it balanced!

honestly I miss Trago having a Rampage and Counter-Attack and I am sure many others do to.

(the Resistances and Group Invincibility are just a little icing on the cake. ;3 )


i think the old shield is better for raids cuz of the cooldown


The real main focus of the update suggestion is the Rampage and Counter-attack, I just thought the Intsant Group Invincibility would be cool.

Ya it would be cool due to the counter attack, I was just thinking about the pyrri raid where you basically need that shield every turn

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While the GDR would be nice the counter and the shiled would actualy make it way worse

1 the shiled has a delay and does not shield for 2 turns meaning, that trago would loose a lot of viability in most raids

2 the counter would be good for pvp but in raids it would literaly just make it waste buffed attacks from a tryo’s RTC for example so when the trago would need to heal it wouldn’t have the buff

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It’s a prototype concept, I was trying to make it stronger but still balanced as well. (fixed the shields issue!)

This is a miles better moveset for PvP though I agree with the others that the counter and higher shield cooldown might trip it up in raids. Good concept though.

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