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Update suggestion: insect update

I know a lot of people want something like an aquatic update but personally I think that what would be better is a insect update like some of the ones from ark although I can’t remember the name such as

  1. Spider

  2. Centipede

  3. Praying mantis

  4. Bats (probably a flock creature)

  5. Ants? Another flock one but this could be a fun addition

I know bats isn’t an insect bit it’s what I thought about when I think of arks caves. I think most of these would be cunning creatures with about 10% armour and venom attacks for the spider which would work the same as bleed.

There is plenty of potential in adding some creepy crawlies to the game as I think it would be a cool change although I think this would make most sense if it were a spring update being that it’s mostly bugs.what do you think? Leave any other ideas for bug like creatures we could have since I obviously don’t know them all.

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I would definitely have to turn my sound off if this happened​:grimacing::grimacing:. It could be interesting though

Meganeura would be cool, it’s a dragonfly


What not put jurassic bugs in jurassic world alive because we have dinosaur and prehistoric mammals, so why not prehistoric bugs and that will cool to see in the game in the future


Dude ludia cant do anything without making the game worse, stop asking for more creatures and ask them to actually, you know, fix the game?


That too but can you be any nicer

The monster millipede - The world biggest millipede

What do y’all think?

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It awesome :ok_hand: I like it

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10 characters

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Sweet :yum: :star_struck::star_struck:

Prostylotermes is a type of termite

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Thanks for this, it made my day

Doesn’t this game have enough bugs already? :rofl::rofl:




Happy to hear👍

Ypresiomyrma is an extinct genus of bulldog ants in the subfamily Myrmeciina.

Hello peeps, I was just wondering if you had any news