Update suggestions, ideas, etc


In their next updates we should have like Clans to battle against friends and other groups to make it more open.

There should be another battle mode like a ladder to reach special incubators kind of like in Jurassic World the game.

There should be better matchmaking because I’m fighting people with lvl. 26 dinos too often when I have them at lvl 17

There should be multiple slots for different dino decks.

There should be points we could accumulate for incubators and stuff. VIP membership should get double points for whatever they will be for.

Velociraptor’s damage should be decreased a bit because it’s bull fighting a 1200 damage dino that decreases my damage.

I have read those people are struggling with the Velociraptor’s attack and pounce and here are two solutions, you can get a dino that decreases damage and has armor like an Ankylosaurus or a dinosaur that is immune with enough health like a dimetrodon. I actually recommend also to get dinos with thagomizer to slow the raptor down. So you can get a shot.


So …scrap your entire team and grind for weeks because of random team picks just to counter one common dino? Got it.


Nope. Just saying to have one of the dinos listed to help with the Velociraptor’s attack.