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Update Treasure Hunt


Oh joy money money money!!! Happy hunting :grin:

Treasure Chest

How many box can we collect?


Do we have to be right on top of it or something, like the supply stops? I thought I was in the 150 range, but it wouldn’t open.


I’m about to go check and see if we could hit multiple treasure chest, but I have a feeling it’s similar to the strike event. You have to be right next to it in order for you to open it. I received 2,500 coins :slightly_smiling_face:


Would it be so hard for them to let us know the rules??


Just got my first one!!! 2500 coins. However, da app’s not loading now. It’s gets to 18/22, then nothing. I’m hoping it’ll fix itself up by da morning.


Yep!! Same as supply drops.


It is same as supply drops unfortunately , gotta be right on top of them.


So, do we only get one treasure or can we do multiple before time runs out?


It has been confirmed that you can hit it multiple times as long as it’s a different location. Will reset after time duration. This changes everything now we won’t have to stress as much with coins :grin::grin:


I opened 2 of them today. 5000 Coins, not bad :slight_smile:


10,000 limit–per week, I assume?


Yeah the pop-up probably no one read said “up to 10,000”.


I haven’t seen any of these yet.


Nice! Love the Treasure Hunt! I am getting ready to go to lunch at work and there are 2 within walking distance from my work, so I’ll eat, then go for a stroll and hunt dino’s and gather treasure.

Thank you for this unexpected treasure!


The pop up came about 2 hours after I noticed the treasure hunt boxes on my map.


I totally wouldn’t have read it. I just did b/c of this thread.


Ah, the only one I can see near my house is 300m and on the highway. :expressionless: I am not about to try and play real life frogger. Sorry.


Just hit 5 treasure chests. To those that are wondering you can still hit it after your daily coin limit :grin: Sitting on nearly 19,000 coins now.


What are you getting at? Didn’t they say the limit was 10K?