Update with no announcement?

I thought they were going to post in announcements when they have updates.
Anyway 46.9 MB update to download.

Hey Whitecat31, I believe it is for some backend bug fixes.

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I think it’s the one that adds the shadows back.

so looking for some changes info, i rolled down and realized this:

translating: number 7 most profitable in google store.

jwa is still alive. :see_no_evil:

Oh no…Ludia is introducing more bugs into the game. ROFL

It fixed the Alliance rankings bug. Now you are placed where you should be and not at the bottom when you view your Alliance.


They absolutely DID introduce new bugs. This version listed as having a super-duper new AR feature for creatures in sanctuaries – so now there are ZERO sanctuaries anywhere on the map, plus the creatures I put into a sanctuary late yesterday (that should still be in there) are not listed as being in any sanctuary.

I filed a bug report, but this being Ludia… I expect a fix in a couple of weeks. :frowning:

Yeah – and now they have to fix the front-end bugs they created… like no sanctuaries…

Maybe sanctuary has a cloaked Indom inside?

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