My game just did a 130mb update. Anyone got an idea what the update is about ?


Nope but mine was 201mb.


191mb update here…no noticeable difference yet


They did a research on critical hits


Only new thing I could see was a survey about critical hits as well.


Mine too 201 mb characters


I would be disappointed if it had anything to do with alterations to crits. When I took that survey, I felt compelled to express my opinion that while it does add an assumed risk to the game, changing it drastically would result in far too much predictability and gaming the system. Leaving EVERYTHING to be a pure base stat-check would be too harmful in the long run.


I think that may have been it! I think I flunked the quiz :joy::joy::joy:


Does seem to be a bit large of a file for basically a link though…


I don’t think it’s about the survey. Too large for a link. And I got the survey before the update


I had fun with this survey :grin:


Some of the questions were really odd. I mean why do they want to know what I notice when a critical hit is scored? I see it’s a crit by the brighter/stronger attack graphic. I don’t really need to pay much more attention than that.


I never saw a survey and had a 210MB upgrade. Or reload.


In one match just now, the definition of a critical… :joy: