Updated game is asking me to download new version, but only gives me the option to Open once in the app store?


Error 10058

Anyone know what this is? I’m afraid to uninstall and reinstall in case anything gets deleted.


Hey Bryce_Hoffman, if you’re on an Android device, go into your Google Play store and select “My apps & games” and see if you’re able to update the game from there. If you’re on an Apple device, go into the app store then head into the Updates menu, press and swipe down to refresh the menu and an update should appear.

If you’re still having an issue, contact our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key.


Go to your apps and games in the menu in Google on the left side of Google Play Store app. Where it says installed, updates Etc, make sure you’re app has recently been updated. If not, even if it is on auto update and it does not update, it should be right there with the option to update at the top. Sorry if I did not explain this well enough. Lol.