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They should do the same to aquatic and cenozoic species as to dinosaurs, as in the Cenozoic when you touch, touch it as another space where one can accommodate the creatures wherever they want in their classrooms and add ect decorations as well as aquatic and bo as they have now that do not make an impression as they should add more dinosaurs as they have to add a 4 hatchery as dinosaurs already have aquatic and Cenozoic they could also put a 4 that is of other types of animals like those of today so that the game causes more anger and people like it more

I can imagine how that could looks with cenozoic creatures, but aquatic creatures?

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Like Jurassic Park the only thing that with more graphics with the graphics of the jurassic world that would be better than how it is now it would have more players and followers than those who have now what they have to dedicate time to do it but it will be worth it

Just like they should do more Cenozoic and Aquatic hybrids in order to balance the three types of creatures and make the game more exciting and, as I said, add a fourth type of different creatures and also add many more creatures to dinosaurs, Cenozoic and Aquatics were truly global and would be an ambitious project, but if they allowed players to support photos with designs and take the time to view and analyze them, they could move forward better.