Updated Imperatosuchus Strat with Ref

Not as smooth as it usually is, but it still works.

And don’t worry. Even when SD had the two turn cooldown, only Parasauthops isn’t offed on the final turn, but that’s only because for some reason the DoT is still in effect when the Raid is over :roll_eyes:

Edit: Mortem only gets offed on Turn 2 of Round 3 in that particular case. In all others, it makes it to the final turn.

yeha i think we did that by accident :stuck_out_tongue: one thing that is bugging me is why does touro in this and others like the dual mortie speedup turn 1 it puts the roar on top of the shield why not cleanse, ruapul is still going to go before the shield but then the shield comes up mortie breaks it touro does a little cleanse parra a little distract…keep menaing to try it

also the modified rupaulx 3 raid works fine as long as you get the order right

Because the Boss’s shields buff the Minions with Shields and Attack as well, so Mortem would not only be taking way more damage than it needs to or should, it runs the risk of the Koolasuchus minion (in some strats at least) taking it down in the event that it decides not to go for Group Distraction.

Plus, using Group Accel at the start frees Tuoramoloch up to keep the team at full health before Parasauthops briefly takes over as healer, since usually Apex raids end Round 1 with a cleansing ability for the Boss on turn 3, rendering damage reduction rather pointless for that particular turn.

That cleanse round 1 turn 3 only cleanses vulnerability. What actually makes distraction near useless is 1: The boss has a 75% resistance and 2: The counter attack increases damage AND DEALS DAMAGE. Each turn, if the distraction hits for damage, the boss is only distracted by 2.5%. That’s… just why. It makes Imperato tedious to do. If it had a 50% distraction resistance, Imperato would be actually a fairly decent challenge without being a complete bore unlike what it is right now.

ahhhh there you go thanks wont bother with that idea :stuck_out_tongue: