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Updated with 60 games - My tournament tracking under the new scoring system

**I added the tracking for game 21-60 in the reply. The trophy count difference (20/40 vs. 30/30) between the highest scores after 40 games is -126, and the difference between the current scores is -162. Very substantial.
Below is the original post for 20-game tracking:
I have played 20 games for the tournament so far, and below is the status:
Screenshot 2021-05-21 121103

It’s about break-even at trophy count of 800, and then I lost trophies based on the new scoring system after that. After 880 trophy count, I was pretty much at the win-20 and lose-40 pattern.

Very discouraged. The more I played, the more I felt depressed.
Our alliance leader is jumping up and down to encourage the members to keep playing, but I don’t think we’ll reach our original goal of the tour reward. This has become such a depressing game.

Will take a break.

Will keep post stats later.

What’s yours like?


I haven’t started this nightmare yet, but I absolutely love that you did this! I may be inspired to do the same when I get after it

Very good statistic!

I guess, I’m out of tourneys in the future. Will not do more than my 10 TD.

So far I did
7 battles/5 wins/2 losses

+24 +30
+23 +30
+20 +30
-40 -30
+22 +30
+21 +30
-30 -30

+40 +90

Don’t know why Ludia wants players to demotivate.
Seems like they don’t want anyone of us to reach the highest rewards.

Mathematical proof that this change is garbage. And with a pretty chart for people who are more visual. I love it.

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Never get a 40 + trophies and always get -40 trophies.that was my case on this tournament, garbage…

After 10 hours, just to wait for my ranking to drop, I have played another set of 20 games. And below is the tracking details for game 21-40, and the graph for the whole 40 games.

With the original 30/30 system, I would’ve gotten 126 trophy count higher for the highest score, and 155 trophy count higher for the current score.

20/40 system punishes hard players.


I tracked my first 9. I was about 50 under what I would have been in 30/30. Played more later, didn’t track, but I’m about where I started. I’ve never finished a Friday night close to where I started. Always at least a couple/few hundred up. This is a waste of time and the proof is in the poutine, they just want to suppress scores to give out less rewards. Happy anniversary, though!


After almost 10 hours of my playing time in this tournament with this super change I have to say I am exactly where did I start - 800 trophies. Usually I have 1200ish trophies at this point. I am wondering where the idea could come from … it was really obvious players score will be smaller, so why they didnt adapt alliance and personal rewards … do they really though this change will affect player base positively and push them to play more? I think am literally done with this tournament …


Unbelievable ranking. I am still top 50 with this trophy count. Even with 1330, which would be under the 30/30 system, I would usually rank around 250 at this time.

Big players seem just stop playing. I also wouldn’t play that many games if it’s not for tracking. It’s a very depressing experience constantly seeing the scoring deficit, something like play under the influence of road rage.

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My experience is similar, although I can’t bring myself to play that many games… I might end up in the basement.

Although the new 20/40 system is working for me much better in the arena, for tournaments it’s simply not working… and was completely unnecessary since the tournament medal system - unlike the 30/30 trophy system in the arena - was never broken.

Although my members are required to get their 10 takedowns, I will certainly not expect them to do more since I can’t even motivate myself. And I usually love PVP…

Ludia, what have you done?!


Did you have the strength to do another 20? I really liked the graph. Impressive(and depressing) stuff

OK. I did another 20. Couldn’t go higher in trophy count than 1204, so couldn’t get the status above that. I would assume that the difference for the better players would be higher.


The biggest difference between these 2 scoring systems among these 60 games is -162. The difference between my highest scores is -126. I brought in 126 less trophies to my Alliance toward the final reward. This is the similar situation for my team members.

My trophy count was fluctuating between 1000 to 1200. It’s the same me who has the same skill whenever you play against me. However, you’ll get 20 or 40 trophies depending on which score I had at that time. This just makes no sense.

Even for advantage tournament, it’s unfair to let strong players win less but lose more. Just Imagine Lebron James would get 1 point when he scores, but a no-name player would get 3 points. Who would watch that kind of “competition?”

Strong players have spent so much time, money and effort to build up strong teams to compete. Now suddenly they’ll be punished because of this. I don’t have very strong teams, but I have been working on them. Now I am hesitating to spend any more resources on my tournament teams. What’s the point to do that now, really?


This scoring system is designed to punish good players. Players who are not very skilled and battling or those not invested in leveling their dinos may lose fewer trophies but they still lose. So for those players they’ll eventually reach their optimal trophy limits. However, for good players, because of fewer trophies in wins and greater trophies in losses means it is so much harder to get to their top level. This would be a much better system if they just rewarded 30 trophies for a win regardless of who you battle. If ludia wants to encourage lesser players to keep playing then deduct 20 trophies for a loss until you get back to your starting trophy count then it’s 30/30 again.

Also, the fact that they implemented this scoring seems like they are not going to fix their matchmaking system anytime soon.

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That’s a good suggestion, too. Don’t punish the most dedicated players, and don’t let players fall off cliff