Updates and the Longterm Player

First of all, I recognize that not every feature, indeed not even every update, is necessarily intended for every player. With that out of the way, recent updates have not been kind to the longterm player, other than adding a few new creatures each time. For example, the recent decision to cap VIP benefits at 18 months is nonsensical from a player standpoint. As players approach into their third (or higher) year in this game, they start needing reasons to stick around, much less continue to pay into the game. Continuing the monthly benefit was one of those reasons. For post-reshuffle players the Boss v Boss Battles were already questionable due to the time involved as well as the cost of the battles. But at least there was a guaranteed pack with DNA at the end. Now, even that incentive is gone. I will certainly grant that s-DNA customization and more Badge Missions from Update 53 were welcome. Update 50 did bring the, as of this posting, final six months of the aforementioned monthly VIP benefit calendar. Prior to that, Update 46 brought the level cap to its current cap of 99. That’s three of the last ten Updates with longterm player content. The Amber Market requires too much grinding to be of much practical use. Not counting the seed Amber from taking my Bosses Prestige, I have accumulated 1350 units of Amber. That’s roughly one quarter of a Tuojiangosaurus in a week’s worth of play. It is important to remember that any feature that benefits older players will eventually benefit newer players as well. We’ve been loyal customers and supporters for years; give us reasons to continue to do so. Personal goals eventually get reached or abandoned.


Isn’t there 9500 in the spin wheel ?


There r also several tournament packs in the dominated “spin wheel” how often you landing on those?


I haven’t played the BvB event since before the latest changes. As I stated above, 200 Dinobucks and four battles was more investment than I typically cared to do. With the prize now 80% for Amber, my interest in the Events are even less. Every once in a while taking the Power Moves out for a spin is cool, but otherwise, I’m not particularly interested.


I’ve been playing the cheaper two battle, but I think I may stop doing even that. Got a supersuraus today.


THIS ^^^


Like I really do believe the things I ask for are not totally unrealistic or outlandish. The rest of Isla Sorna expansions?? An Amphib Tourney Hybrid?? Boss integration with the core game?? A rework/rebalance to Gyrospheres??

Im not talking about some new and impossible features, it’s updating what we already have currently.

The endgame being L40 Indos, wayyy overpriced and oversaturated Carnivore Tourney Hybrids, and now Playable Boss prestieges is really not what’s keeping me interested in playing or giving my money away for to be VIP.

I honestly enjoy the newly regular release of new dinos albeit all of tournament rarity thats just oversaturated in of itself now.

I really enjoy the VIP calendar.

I look forward to unlocking all if Isla Sorna.

I am slightly disappointed in the sloth-speed releases of S-Hybrids now and the near-abandonment of normal non-tourney hybrids.

I am brokenhearted from the half-decade reign of Carnivores at a late game, aka Gorgo is the only extremely lackluster counter to end-game carnos.

Am i being unreasonable with these requests especially as a loyal fan and paying customer?


I’ve played the game since launch and the only listening they do is polls, which they choose the creatures. They should let us go thru all the creatures to poll for a CoT at the least. But they don’t even listen to the gamingbeaver who is their biggest supporter so I doubt they will listen to us


I agree with all of your points, except boss integration into the core game. It’s not possible. It would completely unbalance most people’s lineups. Unless they completely abandon the boss battles and give them normal stats, I don’t see good they can do this.


You could say the same about an Indoraptor.

The key would be the timing of the unlocking of bosses to work with a player’s likely Dino line up.


Yes, if we were talking about before they were added to the game, I would agree. We already have them though and at very increased levels. Unless they take them away or greatly reduce their stats, I don’t see how they can now be implemented into the core game.


You answered your own question. Nerf Bosses (yet again) to be just slightly more powerful than Indos at L40. They would just have the huge stat scaling they currently do now. L1 of Omega is literally 107 attack with 308 HP. Perfect for entry level players.

Then the CDs are vastly lower since they are bosses, if not outright (or a set number) of instant uses.

It’s possible. I think your bias just tells you it’s not.


Even at this level omegas no match for a level 20 indoraptor, let alone a level 40.


My bias? I don’t really care what they do with them because it’s not going to affect my game either way (unless they add them to the core game like you guys are saying). I don’t understand what you mean by my bias. I guess I should rephrase my statement like you said, it’s possible, but not without a ton of changes and basically throwing out the wave boss battles. Many people with lower lineups have leveled up those bosses. So even if you nerfed them down to Indo stats, it would hugely unbalance lineups.

I think you guys are missing that point. Not everyone already has lineups supporting indos like you guys do. So, to make sure it wouldn’t unbalance lineups, they would need to start the bosses over and give back all the boss DNA spent on them or something like that.

@Aether_12 that Omega would greatly unbalance my lineup and I do have indos and been playing for well over a year (two I think) and I’m VIP. There are many new players that have one or two leveled up bosses and aren’t VIP so their lineups aren’t great. The decision that’s made would have to take all of those players into account as well. I know Ludia doesn’t necessarily think about everyone when making updates, but since the bosses are already out and leveled up, I don’t think you can really do what you guys are talking about. Unless of course they basically refund everyone their boss DNA like I said and let them start from scratch.

Am I missing something? I don’t really get how you guys think this can be easily done.


You seem stuck on the idea of how hard it is when in reality its NOT. Thus it appears you have a bias of not wanting it or wanting it to fail.

Look at how bosses were incorporated from just timed events into actual, playable and upgradeable dinos. Yes, it took a lotta work to make them just playable, Im not saying theres no work needed to bring them to the core gameplay roster. But the hardest part is behind, which was actually making them playable with paddocks and upgrades.

Keep the boss wave and boss v boss events, but add the bosses to the actual roster you can use in PvE. Reset the bosses to zero and refund the BDNA used to upgrade the boss to players if the bosses surpass their most ferocious dinos. Maybe add in an X uses per day/week with a very tiny or nonexistant CD between uses.

Why do you think this is something I’d suggest or would otherwise be absolutely necessary to bring Bosses to PvE.

The bosses legitamently start out with basically no stats.


L1: 107A, 308HP
Basically a little stronger than the L40 commons

L11: 613A, 1316HP
Thats nearly equal to a L40 Prionosuchus

L21: 1107A, 3325HP
Thats just over a L40 Ankylodocus (~6600 ferocity)

L31: 1607A, 6333HP
Thats equal to a L40 Cerazinosaurus (~20k ferocity)

L40 is basically 1k ferocity stronger than L31, which puts it next to Dracoceratops.

A L1 Indo sits at 9000 Ferocity.

Do you see how the math checks out.

Then just so players don’t get softlocked, any boss over the most-ferocious dino threshold would have their BDNA used for leveling the boss up, refunded. Make it so L80 is the required level to use bosses in PvE, as a reward to late game players.

Theres a LOT that can be done to prevent the very issues you stress out about.


Ok, I apologize, but we seem to be having a miscommunication. I believe, and correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re taking what I’m saying from a game coding point of view. When I say it would be hard, I’m meaning the difficulty in making the change without negatively affecting many players.

Ok, so this is what I’m talking about. From a game modifying point of view, I’m sure your suggestions are easy like you say. I wouldn’t know the first thing about game coding. From the point of view of negatively affecting players though (customers), I’m thinking this would have a pretty negative impact when some players bosses are being reset further than other players bosses. I think they would probably just do a blanket reset back to 0 for everybody. I wouldn’t mind this too much and I would guess cause the least impact to players games. That way, they could decide where they want their bosses to be in their lineup.

So, to show I’m not biased, I wouldn’t mind that move. My responses were based on what I read above thinking you guys were wanting to just nerf the bosses into regular game play. I didn’t see any mention above about resetting bosses back to 0 until I mentioned it.

I see your comparisons to regular dinos, but again many people (including myself) raised one or more bosses very far (at least level 31, which is currently about 3K ferocity above my level 1 indo) without worrying about ferocity because they weren’t part of our regular lineup. So even though they start low like you say, you can’t just throw them in the mix because they’ll likely be MUCH higher than the rest of your lineup. Of course except for the select few players that have level 20+ indos.

Again though, I’m thinking you guys were talking about leaving the bosses as they are or nerfing their stats. After reading your post above though it seems your are saying implementing them with modifications. That wasn’t clear to me in your original post.

When I say it’s going to be difficult, I’m not talking from a coding standpoint (which I know nothing about), but from an impact to players standpoint. It’s going to be difficult to get players to accept changes to their bosses and why their boss is changing differently than other players bosses. Of course there’s no way to make everybody happy, but I think like you said resetting all of them back to 0 and refunding BDNA would be as close as you can get.


Ah I see now, I thought that you was saying the bosses would unbalance the game from a general perspective.


I’m taking it both ways. From coding yes, and also the adjustment period.

I now see you’re more fixated on the player adjustment level of things.

Even then, I listed out ways that early and mid game players would not be affected.

I don’t know if you got to experience the Boosters to Mods rework, but if you didn’t I can say that Ludia handled it really good. Basically for a week players got nonstop and set trades in the TH for their “Boosters” so that players could trade their boosters for resources, to make way for mods. Then when mods hit, we got several packs to beef up everyone’s mods quantity.

This was a total overhaul BTW, not a simple adjustment.

I don’t see why players would take this personally though, not unless Ludia just reset without refunding/compensating the BDNA that the player used to level up their bosses.

Thats because my first post was just an idea that I wanted that I don’t deem as unreasonable. I just expanded on it when you said it wasn’t possible.


Honestly, one thing I’d like changed is either cool down/hatch times adjusted and lowered and/or more ways to get DNA. I need roughly 7m to get all the creatures and them to max from how I am doing this. I have been speeding things up but the DNA costs tend to get more and more steep the more hybrids we get.


That should take you about a year, here is a post within a thread that I tracked my progress within the game with a clear goal and work towards said goal:


I disagree. This is a mobile F2P game, so you either have the time or the money to play. The hatch times and cooldowns are all a part of that system.

The good thing is that at some point those stop being a worry. After enough dinos, you’ll have a wide roster and won’t have to worry about CDs… unless they start getting longer than a day… but even then it’s not an issue if you have a wide enough roster and as long as you aren’t a super late game player (L40 Tourney Hybrids, high level Indos, etc).

This is Ludia’s way of expanding the end game.