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Updates have sucked since gold n glory

Your updates suck.

You took an amazing game and turned it into garbage. You took the best parts of the game and replaced them with disappointment.

Repeatedly. Not to mention ignoring all the players who agree with me.

I quit.

I didn’t play back then, could you share what the difference are?

For the main part, i’d say you had a sense of accomplisment and progression in the game.
Even with the daily exp cap (which was about 1/8 or 1/10 of you’re current level), you could get a level (past 8) in a week or so now it’s over 3 months for a level (unless you play 24/7).
Equipment was comon and quite WAY easier to get even if it was all RNG, but guess what, dnd is about RNG. Right now it’s all about who spend a months rent to maybe get half a level and a couple of epics.

They weren’t forcing anyone to level their unused equipment just for a little exp. Leveling gear was also FREE(once you get the required amount of gear). Leveling a character was FREE (once you get the required amount of EXP).

The renown wasn’t blocking you from leveling characters. It is now forcing you to play unwanted characters so you can get your renown up so can finaly level your main characters.

Dungeons were infinite, so you could get to room 24-28 or whatever you’re character could sustain and you get a reward that was based off how many boss rooms (one every 4 rooms) you got to.

The chests with a timer (like the ones on battle mode) were giving WAY more equipment then their battle mode counterpart.

There was LESS bug in the game.
The developpers were responding and talking with testers.
Thats just on the top of my head.

Even version 1 when it first appeared on the google store was better than this crap we play now.


As Deathmesia said, the game progression was incredible at first. When you had four timed chests, and no room for more, you could grind levels, which cost NO GOLD, until your characters died; dropping more xp than it does now. The difference between the experience needed now and then, to level up, is night and day.

My Dragonborn Legendary bow USED to hit all enemies, occassionally; now, without it, I can no longer beat levels I used to. With 12 enemies on a screen at once, it meant life or death.

I don’t give two craps for this new player vs player (hell, we can’t even choose our team!!!) and it appears all equipment has been adjusted for the purposes of a player vs player update!!! Really??? Months of the game one way, now we will change ALL equipment because of a brand new, dumb PvP aspect. Essentially making the story grind even more impossible.

Thanks for nothing.

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