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Updates just don't feel like updates

I know we are getting new bosses but still updates are way to small compared to jwa. Ludia just should return in making massive updates like they did for cenozoic and aquatics. And perhaps add basal creatures again because every new creature is straight tournament, vip or a hybrid

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Updates in games that have been around for more than 4 or 5 years usually only add new characters/objects for the player to use and a small change in the interface of the game. This is mostly because the game has already exploited most of its potential, so noticeable changes are only seen in Big Updates. JWA is still a “new” game compared to JWTG, so it’s understandable they have better updates, there’s still a lot of potential to exploit.
We also have to consider that this game is not a popular as it used to be, so Ludia won’t be paying much attention to it, they will focus first on newest and more popular games, JWA, in this case.

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