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Updating items question

I started seeing lots of items that instead of updating them just add more of the same item. Im not sure why that is.

For example on this character in the legendary item i have 2 items that are 1/5. Instead of 1 item that is 2/5 so that i could eventually upgrade.

Hey usnavydoc, if you collected the same Legendary item, it should be adding the amount to the one you already own. Could you post a screenshot of Farideh having 2 separate Legendary weapons in the inventory so I could take a closer look?


Maybe its the item level im looking at? I dont have more than one item in inventory it just says 2 1/5

You don’t have 2 legendaries there. It is now level 2 it is 1 of 5 away from going up to level 3

Your epic piece next to it is level 5 and 23 of 30 from going to level 6