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Upgrade Alanqa to lvl 17 or save DNA?


As the title suggests, I can upgrade Alanqa to lvl 17. My other option is save the dna to make Alankylosaurus. It will be awhile, as my Ankylosaurus Gen 2 is only lvl 8, needs to be lvl 15. I don’t have any legendary yet, closest is IRex, 25 away.


Save the DNA. General rule. Epics to lvl 15. Legendary to lvl 20. Unless more is needed for it’s hybrid

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I would save the DNA. I swapped out my Alanqa for Alankylosaurus once I made it and I’ve never looked back.

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Thanks. Guess I just need more Ankylosaurus Gen 2 dna. Hard to find them though.


Are you in an alliance? That’s a great dino to ask for if you are.


Aaaaaaaanky! <3


Alanky is vastly superior to alanqa… save dna… try to get park spawns or request from alliance.


I am, I requested it twice and got zero. I’ve gotten other dna through requests. I must be in a semi casual alliance.


Its one of those locked in a park spawn… so its not to common right now. Plus Ludia insists on giving us alanqa dna for pretty much everything these days so anky gen 2 is a pretty high in demand common… i ran out not long after 1.5 and the dna i do get i normally fuse or donate.


Good to know it’s locked in parks, thanks. I live near one, just need the weather to get better. :sunglasses: