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Upgrade Revenue Tower with coins cost

Hey Ludia i think it would be great to add a system to upgrade the tower to help us claims the coins easier and faster and also add more stoarges in Island to get meets it would be very helpful

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@Carnage_Akemi the revenue towers combined with the beacon cover the entire island once you level up your beacon all the way. You will have 5 revenue towers once you reach level 75 (or possibly sooner I dont remember when you get the last one). As long as you place them correctly you will have full coverage of the map.

Badge Beacon
At level 12 this has a 36 square reach which is enough to go top to bottom with a 3 square gap on the top and bottom side. I have placed mine so that there is also a 3 space gap on the far right side of the map which leaves a 12 space gap on the left, however I have placed two of my revenue towers to cover these 12 spaces. Anything that doesn’t touch a revenue tower pick up has at least a 3 hour bank rate (most have a 6+ hour rate).

Revenue Tower
My revenue tower set up is similar to this one for three of them where it is almost entirely Dino paddocks, this set up has been the most efficient use of space along with decoration usage for maximum generation of coins. Obviously you should set up your map with what works best for you and I am merely giving these as examples.

Just know that eventually when you have the entire map unlocked and you have gathered everything for the level 12 beacon (even before this depending on how you set up your stuff) you should only have a couple of clicks to collect all of your coins on the map, currently I only have three clicks (two revenue towers and the beacon) to collect everything on my map every three hours. I click on the revenue towers while I am playing since a lot of the creatures on them are less than the 3 hour bank rate so it pays to click on them every 15-20 minutes to keep them at full generation.


Thank you for help i didnt know about that

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