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Upgrade RIP off

This new UPGRADE is a total RIP OFF!!!..To all the people that spend a lot of money for this New Upgrade to RIP us off. …


Could not agree more! But in 3,2,1 here comes the ones saying we should be happy because it’s all the same or they will use their logic of how to go to top tier it costs less yada yada yada! I really wish they stay out of these threads because I guarantee they never dropped 500 real dollars on the game or more like many did over the years! FTP players have absolutely no right to tell us how to feel about this so please keep your opinions to yourself! This is between us and Ludia

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i spent alot of money on this game. am i qualified?


Are you upset about the boost fiasco?

no im not. i see it as a positive for the game…


Then I guess you don’t qualify then, I see it as a positive too, but I’m sure someone will tell me otherwise soon.


if ludia wants to give me some more boosts for my pain and suffering, im all for that too lol.


I spent over $600 on the game over the winter. I learned my lesson by early spring though. No more!


spending precious time and money on a GAME… sounds like an easy setup to me. consider that gone.


So you spent money to get more stuff over those that dont. And now that they reset it you still have more than the free players and you are upset? Pay to play players still have the advantage. They just have to play smarter than a 6 month old baby now. And by that they cant blindly smash buttons to win. Maybe Bug Smasher is more up your alley?

What i saw minutes earlier is an average 24-25 team with 3 Dinos over 140 and one over 135…
Humiliate an average 27 team… 1-3

With one legendary(Indor Gen 2 lvl 22,)
and one epic (proceRATomimus lvl 24)

People need to learn the difference between thing and things.


  1. The update i HUGE inflation on green cash. Because with your 500 cash you could buy 25 boosts or 25.000 coins.

  2. In the new system you can’t have either 25 boost or 25.000 coins. The value of green cash from 1.0 to 2.0 is a HUGE NERF.

  3. They should given us back all the green cash from the old system as we bought them in that system!

  4. After everyone got their money back they could now spent it on either coins, because that value is in the same old currancy or now buy boosts according to the new system.

And yes.

The arena is now a better place to battle.

But not because of the decrease in green money.


Sorry you paid money at that time to be better at a video game at that time and you were. Games update and things change. You spent your money on the past not the future. Want more, spend more. I dont feel sorry. It sucks. Move on. But if that’s the case there are tons of video games I bought and leveled up just for a new version make it obsolete.


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I spent about $750 before I became a f2p in March, do I count? :laughing:

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I spent a year with VIP and bought a few incubators as I levelled up and took the offers.
I spent endless hours doing tapjoy offers and even spent money on boosts when they came out.
I’m glad to have put some money into the game, but not another penny after this shocking debacle.
We should have been refunded green cash rather than boosts, and boosts should never have been allowed back.
As it is the community seems to have come round to the opinion that this is a good thing.
Well guess what?
You’ve been had!!!
Where you were before at 7/7/7 will now take you another 2 years or so of buying boosts to get back to.
And you’re happy?

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