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Upgraded Raptor Squad

I put together an upgraded raptor / raptor hybrid team from the one I played early August. I’m holding my own with a pretty much 50/50 win/lose depending on which I get. The August team was a looser.

Old Owen Squad: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -New Upgraded Squad:
Team%20Raptors My%20Team%2020191106
Indo Gen 2 didn’t exist in August and I wasn’t playing critters above level 16 at that time.
Indo G2 is like a winning pick when I get it, equal, if not better than my old 21 Indo.

I played these for a couple days. Time to think of a new team.


Indo Gen 2 is far more superior than Indo. I have mine at 17 and she holds her own against higher levels

I was thinking about doing the same team but having Indom Gen 2 since it has raptor in jt in place of pyrritator.

Love this kind of teams!