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Upgrades and some questions

Hey guys, I posted how to spend 400k DNA to win in dominator (I’m not vip), since then ended my first dominator run and upgraded my team with new buys:
-2 more indominus balanced with my team
-2 more rajastega balanced with my team
-1 more tapejalosaurus
-3 more segnosaurus
-5 diplosuchus

With this I’m sure I’ll spend less bucks for a dominator run but I have this questions:

-What is better? 5 diplosuchus level 10 with fast recovery and nice attack or trying to go for 3 diplosuchus level 20?

-After all and some grind I’m still with 310,000 on DNA, how should I spend it?

-I have over 100 Dinos holding to be hatched, should I sell them for DNA, or hatch them for more coin production?

And finally I’m producing good amount in SDNA in battles, but is there any faster way? Since I didn’t played for a long time is taking a hard time obtaining sDNA from two creatures.

Thanks a lot and also thanks for all that adviced me last week

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Wow !!! You have 5 Diplosuchus I think lv.10 Diplosuchus is enough for Dominator .In my line up I had. 1 lv.20 and the rest at level 10


@Nonthawath_777 could you show me your lineup which you use for Dominator League battles?.. I also want to deepen my lineup.

Great idea, I’ll go for one level 20 and 3 10s! Thanks a lot!!
And yes I was very lucky I didn’t care much for sDNA since I didn’t care for a Indoraptor, and when I looked how much I’ve had I realized it was enough for 5 of this guys :joy::heart_eyes:

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@User21, I’m pretty sure 5 Diplosuchus level 10 is better than 3 Diplosuchus level 20. But if your lineup isn’t very deep, go for 3 Diplosuchus level 20 since you must rely more on guaranteed victories than split outcomes.

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@Jurassic_Fury I do lv.20 Diplosuchus because I will have lv.10 Cerazinosaurus that has ferocity about 5500


@Nonthawath_777 thank you for sharing! This will surely help me to deepen my lineup aswell, and also to guide some of my not-on-the-forum friends to build their lineup once they’re ready for Tournaments. :smiley:

Nice leveled teams :+1:t2::+1:t2:

SDNA is slow to accumulate. You just have to put the game time in. PvP modded can help.

Hatch the dinos. They will help for missions, coin production and boss battles.

L10 Diplo is good enough for dominator battles. Keep them at L10. When you get to the point where you are building a PvE team (for the Indoraptor) and a Dom team (around L20 VIP strength), is when you can pick to level them up or leave them behind.

Hatch more of what you have until you can safely finish in Dom WITHOUT spending any DB on cool downs.

After that, clear you back log in your market.

Than, I’d suggest focusing on Aquatics or Ceno so they have a shot at finishing in Dom.

After that, maybe focus on getting an Indoraptor?

Also, don’t waste your DNA. Later in the game, all of the dinos you’ll need will be 30K-60K DNA. Try to spend your DNA only on things the game doesn’t give you. For example, you can get Rajastega from PvP Modded, don’t spend DNA on that one.

Good luck!


Great thanks for all of the advices, I’ll keep saving my dna and end building my team for dominator, then maximizing coins, and at the end going for an indoraptor (I have the sDNA and 4 level 20 indominus to hatch it but would unbalance a lot my team).

Thanks for all