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Upgrading armors

While the benefits that come with upgrading all items in the equipmemt are clear to me, I am still wondering what Is the use of spending money on your common, rare and epic armors if, for instance, your hero Is wearing a legendary. It helps with levelling your hero, yes, but i does not add any quality to your fight . Hope this makes sense.

XP and better abilities. That’s it.

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If you level up “lesser” equipment enough, the stats can be higher than a low-level legendary. I think at max level, everything is basically supposed to have the same stats, but I can’t confirm because I don’t actually have any gear maxed out… Also, I like the designs of some of the lower level stuff better than the legendaries, but that’s just personal opinion


It might be true for Epic pieces to be stonger than the low level legendary. I’ll keep an Eye on It. And yes sometimes the modesty of common items makes gorgeous Vanity items!

With specific reference to Armor, all maxed items for any hero, regardless of rarity provide no abilities, and offer equal stats. Thus, if you have the maxed rare Armor for the Cleric, there is no need to pursue maxing the Epic or Legendary. All rarities are equal at maximum level. Experience gain, if desired, would be the only bonus.

Note: This only applies to Armor which I believe was the intent of this topic.

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Thank you @Orloch. This Is useful. Yes my interest in this topic is only connected to armors as I personally checked that in weapons, trinkets and all other items stats do increase as you level them up.
Now my next question would be, do se have an idea if there Is a cap on the number of times you can level up and armor? The best I could do for the moment Is “9” on an armor. Have you been able to do Better?

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The maxed chest armors has a different appearance and the same specifications, unlike other parts.

Legendary armor is great as a fast fix while Your building up the others, But it’s usually far easier to find and level up Epic and Rare armor. Getting enough legendarys to reach level 4 will take A LONG TIME lol.

You were asking how far things can be leveled etc?
Maybe this helps?


This makes SO much sense now. I really appreciate your experience to my question. Thank you @Dungeoneer and @PrestonSJ for your pics and comparison tablet. This Is really awsome. I understand now that, as you said, i have a long journey in front of me and that It Will take very long time to complete It. But this Is also a fun part of the game! Better start saving Money, as well