Upgrading to new phone soon

So I’m about to upgrade soon and I wanna know how to transfer your account and data. Currently, I use a iPhone 6s, yes it’s an old phone and will upgrade to an iPhone XS pretty soon. I just wanna know how to transfer your progress to another iPhone. I don’t want to lose my progress so I need some assistance.

It’s automatic as long as you sign in with the same AppleID and have Game Center enabled which it is by default.

I can’t say what to do if you’ve been signing in using FB or Google, but I’m sure it works fine too. Just get confirmation from someone else or find the documentation on how to go about it before you make the switch.

I do have Game Center enable but I don’t use FB or Google.

I believe the best built iPhone is the 6s, but I can’t verify since I’m still using the 4s. I picked up an iPad Mini instead and love the larger screen. The 4s is just for calls.

I swappped from the 7 to the xs a couple of weeks ago, backed up the old phone to iTunes, turned it off, turned the new one on and Jwa was ready to go :slight_smile:

Hey TheAirsZ, you should be able to get back onto the same game account when you reconnect to your Game Center account on your new device if the game was linked. However, we recommend having your support key saved or written down just in case.