Upgrading with an update around the corner

What are people’s thoughts, I have a number of dinos ready for upgrading but am not sure whether to boost them now or wait until the next update which apparently is coming this month. If rumours are to believed there could be a major update coming this month and I don’t want to waste coins updating dinos for them to be altered and deeming them useless.

Dinos waiting to be updated:

Indominous ready to go to 21
Monolometrodon to 25
Tanycolagreus to 22
Paramoloch to 21

I’ve got plenty of others but these are the ones that are likely to get used if levelled.


If Indo* and Tany are on your forever team, I wouldn’t hesitate to level them up now .
Maybe hold off on the others though :grimacing:

** leave that indom at 20 if that’s what you’re referring to :sweat_smile:

Why he level Indo to level 21? He would be needing those DNA for Indoraptor.

I also have many mergers stopped (for example gorgosuchus that could go up to 2 nuveles) although others I do not doubt it (for example, as soon as Tragodistis can climb that I am shortly).

Indo is not at risk for a hybrid and is one of the best dinos that use those components so I might level this one without much heartache. The rest, no I would wait for sure.

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There is no official word on any update around the corner, so upgrading might be a good thing to keep your team climbing or from falling.

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Doesn’t Indo get created at 21. How is he ready to upgrade to level 21? Do you have him ready to create and are holding off on creating him for some reason?

Sorry, meant indominous, corrective to the original post.

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I guess my concern is that with the Halloween even flooding the game with indominous and indo I’m concerned it may get weakened to balance things out

I don’t think it will be weakened, I just think we will see more counters. Indo will be on your team for quite a while even with counters. She is an all around beast

Oh gotcha. So I would say that if you plan on keeping Indominus on your team, sending it to 21 will help you. Most people get it to 20 and let it sit there to save up the DNA for Indoraptor and Erlidominus. If you have a Level 21 you will have the advantage whey they get matched up together. I personally kept Indominus Lev21 on my team for a while but where I am now she is so heavily countered with shields and Nulify that I benched her for a Lev. 21 Monostegotops.

Indoraptor* sorry. Indom is not as well received. I was refering to Indoraptor. I shoukd have specified better