Upon further observation

This is NOT A TROLLING POST!! I repeat this is NOT A TROLLING POST. making this crystal clear right now since I was put on suspension

I see a lot of people that are stuck with the cheap shot dino Dracoceratops. You would think people would evolve their strategy.

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depends on the investment people originally had in it.
I still see them around. Not as many, but they are increasing in frequency lately. At least i can predict the damage and roughly when it will come back in.

so many like to swap in on smilonemys. It doesn’t really work that well.

I see perhaps 1 a week.
Update killed it. Even the full hp boosted are pretty easy to handle.

A couple of time I had the trifecta pulled on me.

Gone this long and haven’t used it. I won’t be starting now.

I retired mine a long time ago because I am not cheap and I know strategy.


I dropped down into low avairy for a fun teamand they still seem to be quite active down their. Encountered 5 in a row last week.

When you dont have a team full of meta tyrants its still a decent slot filler. Even more so now as it can fill its role without the boosts.

It’s still a decent dino in my book. It’s biggest problem right now, is the fact that most teams still have one or two dinos that were in the team mostly to one shot this little pest before the nerf (Everybody had an Erli in their team, and likely still do today). The meta will likely change eventually and on top of that, players who are relatively new will invest boosts in health instead of attack. I think Ludia like that “style” so we will see it for quite a while!

It was definitely nerfed too much, and it’s one of my only high level legendary dinos. I was actually pretty irritated with how useless it became. I can use one of my triceratops-like creatures now for that swap in strike and they at least have some muscle behind them. Needless to say, it’s no longer on my team until Ludia gives it some of its old oomph back.

I’m SO sorry your Legendary made from two easily obtainable commons that could oneshot top tier Uniques got nerfed. Oh I really do hope we can go back to the days of brainless swapping. The game is FAR better off with DC being less used. It’s still half decent, but it’s made of two commons, it should suck like Monolometrodon.


Lol even the monometradon should actually be BETTER cause it’s ingredients are way better than draco gen2 and trike gen2

And the only reason draco is better than metra is thanks to the ling chomper attack buff it got

Which makes me ask why doesn’t monometradon have a rampage if dimetrodon does

Even with rat being balanced a while back, it will still take a while for the Rategy to be filtered out, but in the end it should happen!

Because it has 2 impacts instead. Dimetrodon G2 has no other damage-dealing multiplier move.

Not everyone can adapt immediately to a meta shift.
What some of my friends are doing is to stop working on Draco, but still using it till it can be replaced.
It will be phased out over a long period of time.
For a lot of people it’s still one of their top 8 dinos even though the writing is on the wall.

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I still see Dracoceraptops in arena, and they are mostly with 2.2K ATK and 5.6K+ HP. Nobody from my team can kill them in one hit and they escape and come back again many times.

I only see dracoceratops if the opponent also has indoraptor g2.

These are my monsters.

Rat isn’t really a problem. To be honest, it’s a decent dino.
But I would like a rework of all Stygi type dinos. Theh should all have high speed, around 3000 Hp and 1300 attack and a signature move, Swap in Headbutt (it’s in the game right now, but only Carbotoceratops has it. I think all Stygi type dinos should have it, as they headbutted IRL). Rat with Swap in Headbutt and completely new moveset would be a much more interesting dino. What do you think of that rework idea?

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I’m surprised how many still think DC is viable.

As much as I supported DC in the past, I enjoy showing players just how irrelevant it is in arenas that regularly have uniques. I’ll gladly trade you a half dead creature of mine for one of your full health creatures, and I get to set up mine for your next full health creature to be one shot.