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Upset to the max

Nothing has popped up on my map for a month. Tried everything that they’ve told me to try.

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Do you have either another phone or pad that will run JWA and see if it will load on those? By the way, there are areas near my home here where my Ipad will not get enough GPS signal to load the game.

I’m sorry to hear that your map appears empty, @Cast123. If you had already reached out to our team at, could you please continue your messages with our team? They’ll do their best to try and assist you.

If you do not have internet your map wont load.

When this happens to me (about once per week), I uninstall the game completely and then re-install it. (This is with an iPhone… because you can’t clear cache or app data on an iPhone.)

When this happens to my wife’s phone (android) we clear the app data and that also clears the cache. The next time you start up the game, your phone should have enough free memory to load in the strike towers and dinosaurs.


Badum Tssss

I can try my fiancé’s phone, I use the app on my ipad

I have internet (WiFi) and good service

Tried that also

Are you Upsetismaxima? :wink: I’ll leave now…