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Urtinotherium oddity


Could you have the team take a quick look at this? Is urtinotherium intended to have a 1hr coin rate?

Thanks much!

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@Potato thanks for posting this, I never sort my hatchery by anything other than the default DNA cost. I didn’t realize they had updated the display to show the stats for the various selections. That is a cool feature, based on this feature being there, @Ned & @Jorge can you guys put this forward to the developers as an idea…
I know I have seen a lot of folks ask for this, based on the DNA sort having no data in this field where the red arrows are:

Can you please forward to the Developers how great it would be to add “D:HH:MM HT” in the space where on the Coin, Attack, and Health sort features displays information:

I know a lot of people would be happy to know how long a creature takes to hatch prior to putting it in to a pod.

Thank you in advance for any help you guys provide on getting this feature into the game.

If you are reading this post and think this is a good idea please like this comment so Lydia knows this would be a good idea.


Agreed that I would like to see hatchery times included.

@Sionsith, I was looking at arranging dino paddocks for coin generation, saw this and was a bit curious.


Hey Potato, this is completely normal! Urtinotherium’s production time is intended to be 1 hour. @Sionsith I have passed along your suggestion to our team as well! We love hearing feedback, so please feel free to keep them coming.


Might I ask why it’s a one hour production rate? The rest of the Cenozoic creatures are at 12hr, so this just seemed odd.


Ned, also having a sort by common-rare-super rare-legendary-hybrid search option would be especially helpful for boss events, since there’re specific tasks that require using certain dino types. Appreciate it. Thanks.


@DinoStan Are you talking about being able to select just one of those? You can sort by rarity but you do have to scroll through all of the various levels to get to what you are looking for.

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I never noticed that was there. If possible, say I wish to view what super rare options I have, I could click and see only super rares. The restricted battles can already delimit by types, so I’m thinking the added convenience wouldn’t be a whole lot of extra work for Ludia.


@DinoStan I use the rarity sort a ton when doing the world boss battles, that way I am using the lowest possible creature that counts towards the mission. Don’t won’t to waist good creatures when just trying to check off mission objectives.

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For sure, first dino is fodder, so I’ve already generally followed that principle without over analyzing. I’m sure one could create complicated attack and defense charts incorporating
Advantages and disadvantages with classes and such. I just estimate, so do miscalculate every once in a while.


For the “Team 3 Legendary creatures 2 times” type missions I almost always throw level 1 or 10 creatures into a battle just to check off the mission. The rarity sort is great for those missions, pair that with a “Use 4 Herbivore creatures” and at least one team is going to have something like this:

the lowest possible creature cost to get the job done.


Nowadays, on those boss events, I go up to maybe 500 or 1000 bucks prize, then stop.

Will still complete those S-DNA sets of 10, of course.
Takes up too much time.

Until maybe I can comfortably have a fleet of high attackers.

No real strategy on the damage tasks, just slugging it out.

The other tasks, we can think of how to most efficiently fulfill the requirements.

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