"Use 3 Draft of Any Type" appearing too frequently

The “Use 3 Draft of Any Type” is appearing way too frequently. I’m always stuck with this quest! Anyone had any problems with it?


If it isn’t during one of those special events where you get trust points in a chest I just get on the game every 6 hours or so for the free draft… I’ve learned it’s best to hold onto the tokens you earn from quests and chests for when spending them is essential, and most of the time it isn’t. So stock up for when you need them and just slowly complete that duty (for free) for a day or two when you get that duty. Then once you are stocked up and an event comes along you’ll actually be hoping for the draft one to come along, finally getting to spend them
I actually feel relieved when a draft one pops up because the complete 3 duties can bug me more, and being stuck doing free drafts for a day or two means I can complete any duties without worrying I will run into that duty again.

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I get it every day now, I used to be able to stock up and was pleased to see it as I had plenty of draft tokens. Now, however, I don’t get a chance to stock up!


I do the same…

I used to have around 50 free token from duty chest and alpha chest few months ago, but now I had finished it all and whenever I got this “use 3 draft of any type” quest now I don’t know should I wait for the free token or just skip it (but I prefer use the skip function for gain 15 level of dragon)?

same as me! i used to stock up the tokens but lately it’s appearing twice a day! it’s so frustrating!