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Use 3 Mods Daily Mission

Can i please get some clarification for how the hell this task is supposed to work. I repeatedly have to use more than 3 mods per day to get this task done and i cant figure out why(other than just more issues with the game i am running into). I thought at first it was needing to use 3 different types of mods but it isn’t that as i am still not having it complete, it also isn’t needing to use all 3 mods in the same fight. If this is another bug then pls get it fixed, i am sick of having to use more resources than i should to get the mod task done(of which is only recently a task so surely you tested it to make sure it worked amiright?)

This task definitely bugs. I’ve had to use up to 5 mods to get it done and don’t even bother anymore. The price of mods means that, more often than not, the daily pack just isn’t worth it.

yeh tbh im actually at that point too, i just had to go do a modded pvp battle to get the task done, which is 10 bucks i shouldnt have had to use and not only 1 more mod but a further 2 extra mods needed with the prerequisite of 3 mods to enter

Oh man, I feel lucky. I don’t care too much about these battles or the mods. I select my 3 worst dinos and 3 most abundant mods.

I combined it with the cenezoic task and it worked for both. I can’t remember that I ever had a problem with that.

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I think we have a different requirement/mission then they do. @Heylosead can you post a screen shot of the mission?


if i remember to tomorrow i will do, have since already done it im afraid, pretty sure there was a post on here about a new objective with a screenshot recently though

I tend to combine mine with the aquatic or ceno requirement too, but yeah, sounds like the requirement for VIPs may be different as we are just required to do a “modded PvP”, not any specific requirement on the mods that are used.


On my main account (lvl 66) the task is for a modded pvp. The other one is level 58 and has the use three mods task. I very rarely bother with either.

I am not a VIP. My daily modded requirement is to do one modded PvP battle. I’ve not run into any issues thus far, knock on wood.


Ah so it’s a level thing. Yeah the missions do change with your level, but odd that this would be different since the modded pvp already requires 3 mods.

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It is a level thing. My accounts have different requirements.