Use different dinos


I would like the possibility to choose the arena when battling, aside from tournaments and friendly battles. I would like to be able to use different dinos just for fun and to try them but i can’t because of the ranking tournament. I am in the 300ish or something like that and i am forced to battle with always the same dinos if i want to achieve some award.
Maybe a system with level cap for dinosaurs for each arena could be interesting and could bring more variety and experience in this game. A hundred dinosaurs unlocked, using only 8 of them seem to me too reductive. I would like to have more possibilities.
A sort of “arcade mode”.
What do you think??


Somewhat agree. Something could be improved. Maybe only allow a limit of 3 battles per creature each day. Then you would have to decide how to split the team.

Or how about being able to enter many tournaments, but each one has a limit of how strong your team is. This prizes would be less but it allows the newer players the ability to compete. Hard to justify keeping just 1 main tournament if Ludia wants the game to grow.


All terrible ideas. Limiting dinos means only fighting 3 times a day because Im not running into battle with a bunch of commonsto face my opponent whos just getting started and has his legendary creatures left. If you allowed people to choose their arena they would take their world beaters into early arenas to crush people and if you base how it chooses opponents off of creature leveled and all I have to do is throw one level one creature in with the rest of my legendaries in anybody I face is probably screwed


My idea was in fact to put level caps. For example, if in the arena 2 the level cap for dinosaurs is 10 and your stegoceratops is level 13, you cannot use stegoceratops in arena 2. That’ what i meant, you can use your own dinosaurs below or at maximum level 10.


There should be two options: standard game and ranked game.