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Use gen 2 DNA in place of gen 1


So, my suggestion here is for example: You have say 2000 parasaur DNA, you are going for the paramoloch. You have at lvl 15, the parasaur, stygy and stygy gen 2, the stygy having 50 dna, the gen 2 having 1000. My suggestion is to have, at a higher cost DNA cost, the choice to use the gen 2 DNA towards the fusion in addition to the gen 1 DNA. This would give some good use to gen 2 dinosaurs that are bad with no hybrids, or with hybrids where the other ingredient is not viable. Another example could be using spino gen 2 dna in place of the spino dna for spinataraptor. I have about 3000 utah dna, a lvl 11 spino gen 2 with about 300 - 400 DNA, and the spino gen 1, I have at lvl 6 because I have only ever seen it in the wild once. I see gen 2 way more often. I also don’t like the gen 2 hybrid, and would very much prefer to have spinatahraptor dna instead. Because of an increased dna cost, it would still be more cost effective to use the proper materials, but it would give us a way to offload some of the hoards of DNA we all have stored for bad dinos such as the stygy gen 2 or the trike gen 2.