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Use kaprosuchus dna for gorgosuchus or spinotasuchus?

Trying to invest in my long term team and wondering what the forum felt about these two choices? (If u could only have one, which would you prefer for your dream team?) thanks!

Gorgosuchus is far better.


I’d stick with the gorgosuchus, you will always have the option to work on the megalosuchus later aswell.

I’ve used gorgosuchus since the very beginning, before the update, and has been on my team from the start. :grin:

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I would say gorgo hands down like a trex with a bit more speed

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Agree, Gorgosuchus for sure. He’s a beast in the Arena and can be a one-shot-killer.

the debate can start again now :wink: new move is a game changer for some, mine is level 17 so a couple more kapro and it’ll make the team :+1:

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Spinotasuchus has a different wounding move now.

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This is interesting!! definitely leaves a lot to think about!

Side note: I love that Ludia is making things interesting but then switching up Dino skills/attributes after the fact probably makes it tough for people to decide who they (don’t) want on their team

My gorgonzola is 15, good enough for me for where I am at. I am wanting to replace my spinotahraptor so I’m working on this.

Plus I see more kapros than gorgos where I live.

“Gorgonzola” :rofl:
The stinky cheese dino

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LOL my son and I gave all the dinos goofy names too

Pair of sore walruses



whats the point for current meta?

krapo dna for: spinotasuchus or gorgosuchus?

This really threw me for a curve, I was like The guy who posted this, really?
Anyway necro aside…


Spino can be good for gold towers and sometimes to start a fight. As far as I can see no one used gorgo above 4k not anymore at least.

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i found “less worse” rise this thread from the grave than create a new with same question… old thread and things change after updates hehe.

thanx. let me save coins then.

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Both Spinotahsuchus & Gorgosuchus play different roles. Spinotahsuchus is a better lead dinosaur due to her Fast speed and Bleeding in this “Bleed & Run” meta, Spinotahsuchus is a great dino to have & Level.

Gorgosuchus on the other hand is a amazing Tank buster who can fuse into the indom-counter Megalosuchus. Gorgosuchus as a standalone dino is pretty solid as a “revenge killer” dino thanks to his move wombo-combo in FS + DSR, which can one shot most of, if not any, dino. Gorgosuchus can also Cleanse so there’s that.

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People love Gorgo but they all disappear by the Aviary. Spinotasuchus is ok but you want it for tanks but the tanks still win the fight due to Spinotasuchus low hp. Tanks just Thag/Ss and rampage. My Spinotasuchus is flashing for 25 but it’s riding the bench. It’s too hard to level really.

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