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Use of Kaprosuchus DNA

What’s the better legendary hybrid to create using Kaprosuchus DNA (Megalosuchus or Spinotasuchus?)

Spinotasuchus all the way


Mega is trash, sadly. Spina is amazing. If only they would give it a different base move.

Spino for sure

Spino is nice, but it requires quite a lot of boosts for it to keep up with the opponents at some point. I’m not sure you want to waste you boosts on a dino that will eventually be replaced by uniques or rats. But I don’t know how far you are :slight_smile:

spinotasuchus without doubt

Spinos has two bleeding moves and we have entered a meta which has a ton of immune creatures.

Despite the huge endorsement its gotten in the thread it is the worse end game dino of the two.

Megla requires an investment to get a solid return from she is not good out of the box and is a dino you really need to learn how to play. But she can be viable at the top of the ladder where spino cant really.

@Ardens can hopefully share some of his experience with a level 30 meg.


Uhhhh I don’t think @Ardens would like to hear you say that…

(By the way, Gorgo is best)




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I’ve never used Spino, so I can’t give any input there.
However, I have been using Meg forever lol. She’s not for everyone… hell, she’s not for anyone pretty much :joy:
If you’re gonna use her, she needs to be at team level or higher. She requires a lot of thought and effort to make her work. You do need to MAKE her work, unlike a lot of other creatures that work just by sending them out.
She’s not amazing, not even great… but she’s still my favorite in the game and has a permanent spot on my team.
Mine’s at Tier 6/7/4


Dilo R&R into Meg is :revolving_hearts:


Spino is definitely the better choice

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Megalosuchus is kinda weak tbh, and spinotasuchus is all fun and games until you fight immunes and distracting dinos (cough cough procerathomimus), why not go for Gorgosuchus? That thing is a beast, it has 1440 base damage and a DSR with cleansing impact, (bye bye shield and bleed), so definitely skip megalosuchus and go for Gorgosuchus.

Megalo these days. I have both legendaries at lvl 29. Megalo has enough dna to get her to 30lvl if I would have enough coins.

I don’t use either, but Spino is awful IMHO. The current meta is dominated by immunes and chompers, and Spino falls to both so easily.

Although I rarely see Meg, I do admit that Meg has a chance of me thinking ‘oh no’ compared to Spino who makes me think ‘oh good’. All but one of my team members can one shot Spinota.

Spino or stay with Gorgo. Never regreted it

With Spino it’s always: Oh no, he’s gonna swap to rat and destroy my best dino.