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Use Spinosaurus to defeat this creature 1 time: Trex

Spino has no chance against Trex. I tried to complete this challenge via friendly battles but at level 26 it’s impossible. I also tried to distract Trex using other dino first and then swapped into Spino but this didn’t count at all. Any help is greatly appreciated.

i would try the campaign. use a spino against a much lower level rex. make sure your attack finishes it rather than the bleed for good measure.

I checked them today. I think there is only one with Trex but you have to use 2 creatures with stunning abilities.

it’ll happen in a friendly, but it needs coordination.
Use spinotaraptor against rex. go for gashing wound. swap to something that the rex can one shot. then bring out spino and kill with impact.

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Here’s what I tried during a planned friendly battle, so I tried to get rex low on health with a different creature and then let the rex kill that creature until its in spino kill range(enough to either bleed it out or 1 shot it with impact) and so because it was a friendly battle my friend just used a strike against spino to let me get the achievement and the spino could finish him


Just do friendly challenge, whats the problem ? Why did you swap for spino ? Just use him as next dino to finish Trex

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I didn’t think about that… Thanks.

i used a distrator to distract hit trex enough so spino could come in and one hit if you poison him it sometimes doesnt count you need smashu smashy

biggest problem with this achievement is that it could never happen irl

you can get it low health, swap or die, and finish it off with spino

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