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Used a large scent. Got 1 Tarbo and

…9 Diplo.


I decided not to move around this time, and this is what happens.

Somebody tell me they got 10 Diplocaulus using this thing just so that I can feel better about this.


got 7 diplo, 2 allo and 1 nunda-freaking-suchus.

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Dont worry im local 3 too…know the feeling

I had about the same results last night

Yep. Diplo galore. I even do it at night hoping for some raptor. I have that green frog lizard.

I don’t bother with the scents as I’m in zone 3 and get the same as the op every time .

I did an epic in 3 the other day and got 2 mono, Barry, Rex, and Erlik. I usually only run an epic in 3 if I actually see an Erlik in the wild because I seem to be able to attract more that way.


@Piere87 Did u do that scent in a park?

Nope. Just around the neighborhood. I had already seen 2 erlikosaurus that morning so I thought I’d try to attract a couple of more.

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Got a surprise epic mono using a large scent yesterday.

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Released two larges and got 9 Suchomimus and 1 something else useless, then 10 Suchomimus. 10. Was not happy.

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Surprise epics are the best! I got one of those tonight from a 5 min scent.


I always get Majungs from my scent capsules since I live in zone 1. But I don’t even need Majungasuchus! :tired_face:

These are terrible. You use them at night at home when you aren’t going out again and you get crap. Tonight I got 8 Magungasaurus and 2 other common.

I used a large and a 5 minute tonight while out hunting. I was in an area where raptors and tarbos are common enough that I usually get 6-10 a night each.

Each spawn after the first was a double. So 24 spawns total. One Bary, one purra g2, one irritator g2, and 21 dips. :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

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Used normal and large scent back to back and only last three spawns weren’t diplo. L3 rules :joy::rofl:

I used my last Scent of Claws last night. Got 1 Dracorex followed by 4 Apatosaurus followed by 1 Stegosaurus and then 4 more Apatosaurus.

There was another night I used the large scent and all 10 of the dinosaurs but 1 was a Suchomimus. And around here there are so many spawning in the wild you can’t throw a dart without hitting one.


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I got one lythronax (sp?) and 9 diplo.

I’ve used large and got all Majunga… All! Used an epic the other night while riding to town, 1st dino didn’t pop, and the rest were random blues and commons, no epic…