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Used Number Generator to Pick Team

With 100 creatures to choose from to make teams with, I find it hard sometimes to decide what to play. So I used a number generator to pick the 8 dino’s for me and then when I go into battle the JWA number generator picks the 4 that I get to play. It worked out quite well and provided a new challenge. What I do is replace any creatures that are used in combat as giving or receiving damage.

So the top 8 is my current generated team and the bottom 14 were used in combat. I won the first two, then lost the next 2 and won against the AI since I’m down in the Jungle. I played the same person twice who I won against first and he beat me the second time.

If I have the DBI for the daily mission tomorrow, I’ll continue here with this team else I take the day off battling when I don’t have the DBI mission.