Useless Campaign Objectives

How are you suppose to deal 2500 damage with DIMORPHODON!!!?!!
How are you suppose to defeat an Indom and Indo with an EDAPHOSAURUS!!?!!
How are you suppose to defeat SRG3 and Indo with MEGALOCEROS AND MEGALOGAIA!!?!!
Ludia please remove these nonsense objectives from Campaign Starter Missions… I would understand if these missions were in Campaign Intermediate, But these missions are from Starter campaign…
Who wants to waste your precious coins and boost to level up these creatures just to complete these missions…?
So please Ludia listen to us and either change these useless objectives or remove them…


Dont forget using either bary or irri for 3x group takedown against 2 goats


It can be done but you’ll die trying, so it won’t count


It would need to be max level, max life and max boosted to make something like that work

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I dont think its literally possible. Even idgt still doesnt have that 1 star

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I actually just completed this objective (while getting slaughtered for most of my tries) L22 Megalogaia / L18 Megaloceros (no boosts.) Start with Megaloceros, hope you draw SR3 first, use DI just to get a hit, if you’re still alive use SDS, more likely SR3 will not KO you, Bring in Megalogaia, use DI to finish off SR3. You should be faster than IR so use Dig In if you need to and then spend the rest of the fight spamming SDS as Megalogaia will keep the IR slowed down and it’ll resort to it’s least powerful strike so you’ll get a hit, shield, and a counter attack. If you don’t KO SR3 and it swaps, you’ll still KO IR, but SR3 is going to come back in with stun/DOT. So there’s a little bit of luck involved, but this worked for me if circumstances comply.

The Dimorphodon is also possible, you just have to defeat the other creatures while hoping it brings in the healer as it’s last creature. Let the healer (iguanodon or one of it’s fusions, maybe) KO you, then bring in Dimorphodon, DO NOT USE DOT, use your strike and the opponent will alternate between a small strike and healing; therefore, dimorphodon does MORE damage than normal as it has more attacks. This is the only way to complete this objective.