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Useless Collections Items from Packs Bug

So after the update I keep getting items which I don’t need from mystery packs and also rare packs I saved up. This is extremly frustrating as I opened a collection to get it filled easily since I noticed mystery packs giving many items. No I sit here getting mugs over mugs over mugs from the packs although I only needed 2 for a collection I already filled up.

I’d appreciate if you could fix this issue, so that we can only get items we need again.

Edit 1: I just noticed, that the items I got from the packs didn’t even go into my collections as there’s still the same number. Please fix this!

Edit 2: And now I noticed where the items went: Into my filled defender collection. Is it possible that you accidentally made the same item type be different throughout the collections they’re needed for? I only get defender collection items from my packs. Is that intentional?

Edit 3: I think I know what the problem is now. You can get uncommon defender collection items even if you don’t need them. Those will also count seperatly to other items of the same type from different collections. Please make it like before. It’s really frustrating to open a rare pack and instead of 250/350 runes you get a stupid cog which you have thousands of and don’t need for anything. Thank you.


I’ve noticed this too. The Mystery pack I just opened gave me a Cog & a Seashell, both of which I don’t need (they weren’t even added to the ones I already have). This completely changes how some players can get Collectibles, especially if this is also happening with Season Statues, Journeys, and Collectible packs.
Edit: The Seashells go to the Resources Collection (which I still don’t need).


I’ll share the feedback with our team! Thank you.


This is even worse with the treasure pack. I mean great that you fixxed the bug where it crashed the entire game when only epic and above collectibles were missing but it now spits out nothing but useless duplicates.
Not sure which is worse.


Personally, definitely the useless duplicates. Even if the Collectibles pack crashed the game before, I could simply get whatever remaining items I needed from Journeys.


Yeah, I prefered the older collection methods. All packs give out items I don’t use or want. I keep certain collections full so that I can prioritise others like legendaries or quest related collections. Now I get a single cog instead of actual resources or decent items.


Yes, we are all losing out on USEFUL stuff… even if it’s just Fish/Wood. 20+ anchors and 25+ shells over the last few days opening all different types of packs. Wasted 150 coins on my weekly collectibles pack for some anchors and shells… as everyone says, none of them needed for any collections. It’s upsetting that my time in game is useless to Ludia.


I mean, as most people have said, I much prefer the old way. Having these random and honestly easy to get items are more annoying than useful, it’s basically just kinda forcing you to trade in collections you don’t necessarily need or want to


My feelings on the matter:


add me to the list of those not fond of this “enhancement”


I agree. This change, whether intentional or a bug, is not good.

With this change, we are stuck with a bunch of useless items we don’t need, and don’t want. Card packs shouldn’t give items unless it is needed in a current collection, even if this change is upgraded to occasionally include higher quality items. Players want items for their current collections, not ones they may never use. It already takes months for a player to complete a legendary collection, and that is with restricting all other collections to focus on getting items for the one collection. This change will stretch that timeframe more.

I don’t think any players benefit from this new system. New players have their collection speed slowed down, which is really important when trying to catch up to where the game is at now. Mid game players lose out on fish, wood, runes, and useful items. And end game players are stuck with items they’ll never use since most if not all of their collections are already full.

In the end, I hope the system goes back to how it was pre update. If a fix is need for collectible packs causing the game to crash, I think it can be solved by giving items that are used in multiple collections, e.g. you have 15 of item 1 and collection 1 and 2 both need 15, so give more of item 1 (Toothless searches already do this). Or just give extras of the last item that was given, e.g. you need 2 copies of item 1 to fill up a collection, so the game gives you 5. Even just giving a random set of rare items would be ok.


I would like to mention an earlier suggestion of mine. Trading of excess Collectibles for one with a higher level in the same Collection. For example, 10 Common for 1 Uncommon, 10 Uncommon for 1 Rare, etc. Or 10 Green-outlined items for 1 Purple-outlined item, etc. I think Gothi’s Hut would be perfect for this feature (and it’ll finally give it something to do).


That would be best, indeed. However, it might be hard to implement. An easier fix that I’d consider acceptable (and should be fairly easy to implement) would be to use the current fix if and only if the player doesn’t “need” any other items. Or, heck, just always give gears if nothing else is “needed”; given the ludicrous numbers of those you end up needing after a few defender collections, they’ll never be less useless than anything else.

But please, please restore the old behavior. I’m sick of getting an average of 2-3 useless seashells in every single card pack and never getting any items that are actually useful.


I’m not sure if this is intended, but packs now reward random collection items from collections that are already completed but not traded in yet.

Eg. I only have one Primal collection active with missing vases. When I open a collection pack, it grants me random collection items I do not need.

Mystery packs were also severely affected. Instead of valuable wood/fish/runes, it is granting collection items and GEARS (one piece each)

This makes the legendary quests significantly harder because the items from packs and collection packs (odin market) help a lot, and now it is removed.

I suspect this is a glitch. I really hope it is. If it is an update, I would like to say that I do not like it. It is a major nerf. It is also not fair to newer players to make quests/collections a LOT mote difficult than it already is.


All packs have been affected by this. So far the only one still the same are Journeys.


I’d like to add my name to this. This change/bug/fix has broken a system that was so difficult to use and understand before for a lot of player. I have 8 or 9 collections that all need items and I don’t think I’ve got a single item from any of them since the update.

There are just too many different items to make the packs completely random and it feels unrewarding


The new system is horrible and I can’t imagine it was intentional.

Why would devs decide that card packs only give useless items?


This is getting out of hand. I’m not getting items I need and the same is happening to many other Discord users. Please fix this.

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Here’s a paraphrased version of what I have been told regarding this. If someone from Ludia wants to clarify, please do so.

Regarding the collection pack “bug”. It seems it is intentional to give you items you already have.

Due to fixing an issue with the Collectibles pack issue, the team had to amend it so that all collectible items could be given in the card packs.

Previously, the collectibles you would get in card packs were related to what you needed in the game. This is no longer the case.


I do not like that it’s intentional. I would rather have the old bug than how it is now.

You can’t compare the months you lose on progress and the ressources and runes you don’t get with a bug that a pack can’T open when only a few items missing.

I don’t know how the game is programmed but isn’t it possible to only make this change to collectible packs exclusively? Like everything is like before but only collectible packs can give unneeded items if no others are possible.

It also affects other packs and the runes you miss out. Before I got 350 runes and now a useless item… nice!